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Difference between Chinese and European GPS Tracking Devices

Many of our customers have asked this question and I am sure you too want to know its answer that is why you are reading this article. Well if I put it in simple words then the difference between a Chinese GPS Tracking Device and European GPS Tracking device is same as it is between a NOKIA/SONY/SAMSUNG mobile phone and their respective Chinese copy mobile phone with hell number of SIM slots. You TRUST on NOKIA/SONY/SAMSUNG mobile phones but you don’t have TRUST on any Chinese mobile phone, even a seller who runs a shop full of Chinese mobile phones do not give you its guarantee and it literally becomes void just after you step the first stair down from his shop.

So let’s find out that from where this word “TRUST” has come into picture in electronics world. It is found that a normal human being trusts things by using them or by listening to other’s experience of using it. If a device works as desired then you have trust on it. But guys is it the only point to trust a device? Even Chinese devices works sometime! But still we cannot rely on them. Why?

To answer this confusion we’ll consider one more thing which most of us normally do not bother about, it is - AFTER SALE SERVICE AND SUPPORT. Everybody knows and many of us have experienced that if we face some problem in a branded product we can get it replaced easily if it is in warranty and also if it’s warranty period is over then too we have lots of service centers available everywhere to get it repaired or replace the faulty part with genuine parts but this is not the case with Chinese GPS tracking Devices if it stopped working even the manufacturer may not be able to start it again. Trust me sometimes they really work without any flaw but that number is very less may be only 10 out of 100 Chinese GPS tracking devices would be working but that too only if you have the best luck in the world. Sometimes they too have warranty but it is either of 6 months or maximum of 12 months you really cannot extend their warranty even if you are willing to pay an extra amount and this is only because the life span of Chinese GPS tracking devices is of maximum 12 months.

But now you’ll say that what is the big deal even if they work for a year then it’s good value for money because it comes only in INR 2000* or maximum INR 4000*. But my dear friend why do we forget that a branded European GPS Tracking devices comes in INR 6000* to INR 12000* which definitely works for at least 5 years and if we calculate the actual cost for 5 years then for a Chinese device of INR 2000 it would be ( 5 years X INR 2000 ) = INR 10000/-, here is the catch! You end up paying 4000/- extra for 5 years where in you would have got a good branded European GPS device in INR 6000/- only* which will run for 5 years* now you should think which one is really a value for money .

Let’s come back to the after sale service, in Chinese GPS devices you don’t get proper reader help manual even if you manage to get one it will be badly translated with at least a dozen spelling mistakes which makes you feel annoyed as without it you really cannot install it with your vehicle or AVL applications and cannot understand it’s functions. It really matter that how we are being treated after we purchase a device, nobody wants to be ignored as a customer. We do not purchase device we purchase experience of dealing with the vendor / manufacturer.

As per more than 5 years of knowledge in GPS tracking field I have listed down some of the imported parameters on which Chinese GPS tracking Devices fail:


Protocol is a guideline or language which guides us how to communicate with the hardware. It is very difficult to get a protocol of Chinese GPS Tracking devices from the internet and then you are bound to speak to the vendor from which you have purchased the device, he then gives you the manufacturers contacts details and ask YOU to contact the original manufacturers who hardly knows how to speak English and it becomes very difficult get on time support and then you realize that you are trapped because you have purchased 100s of Chinese GPS tracking devices in bulk.


Configurator is a windows application which you normally can download from the manufacturer’s website (only for branded European GPS tracking device) using which you can set the parameters of your choice in the device and make the device work according to your needs but for Chinese GPS devices the Configurator are either in their local language which is really painful to understand unless you have a personal translator or it is not at all available. Also their Configurator does not come with ‘help’ tab which you would like to refer when you stuck somewhere while configuring the device.


GPS data or GPS elements ( latitude/longitude/altitude/speed/angles) which we receive from a European branded GPS tracking device is very accurate while in case of Chinese GPS devices you really cannot rely on its accuracy. We have seen error of more than 1000 miles in GPS data thrown by some of the Chinese GPS devices. It really sometimes shows a car standing right in the middle of Indian Ocean while it is actually in your basement parking not only this you will also sometime notice that a car is moving at a speed of 800 miles per hour and I am sure your first statement would be…..What the Hell !!!

Internal Memory

Most of the Chinese GPS devices have no internal memory to save the data. Data saving is very important as some times the device is in no GPRS coverage area. A branded European device saves the data into its internal memory and sends it to the AVL server later when the device gets GPRS coverage but it is not the case with the Chinese GPS tracking device as the data during no network is lost totally which you definitely cannot tolerate.


Chinese device which comes with battery has a unique problem which is called Dead Battery Problem, most of the Chinese GPS trackers battery either gets discharged frequently or gets overheated due to which the device starts malfunctioning. And if it is not charged it will be fully dead also you do not get its substitute easily.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor is one of the major and delicate components in a GPS device as the name specifies it is used to detect the motion in your vehicle without which neither you will get its position nor you will be able to get any alert which is based on its motion like towing alerts etc., and unfortunately in Chinese GPS devices this is the first component which stops working and once it is gone your device is gone.


Most of the Chinese devices only support UDP for data transmission to AVL application which is as per our knowledge is not very good to be used in GPS tracking system. If I say about India we use TCP/IP for data transmission through GPS devices. UDP is used in TV relay etc.

Internal Components and built

Components used in Chinese GPS devices are very cheap in quality which is the reason they are inexpensive and even with a small fluctuation in power supply results in components failure. Also they are not robust and if kept near engine they start melting. If we talk about its size most of them are very bulky and are very difficult to hide inside the car and can be easily traced by the person whom you do not want to see it and specially thieves.

GPRS and GPS Sensors

The GPRS and GPS sensors in Chinese devices are of very low quality and their always remain connectivity issue always with such devices.

So my dear friends with the above mentioned points I hope that I was able to clear your confusion that why you should not buy a Chinese GPS tracker and recommend you not to buy a Chinese GPS tracking device just because they are less expensive and also please do not forget that quality only comes in high price. The only place for Chinese GPS devices is your dustbin not your beloved vehicle.


a. * prices stated above may differ from device to device

b. * device warranty depends on the device manufacturer


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