What our clients say for us:

“We have been using Convexicon’s GPS services for more than a year. They have given amazing services with round the clock support of their technical team.”

Anish Kumar

Owner, DNova Infracon Pvt. Limited


After installing the GPS devices from Convexicon, we have experienced a huge savings in our fuel costs.

Manav Bahari

Owner Golden Ikon Fleet management Pvt. Ltd.


“Convexicon is managing the whole online bidding solution of  3 Plants of KajariaCeramics.They have also installed the GPS devices in the vehicles of our all transporters which carry our raw and finished products throughout the country. They have given us top of line services and within the time frames of the contract.”

Parmanand Pareek

Head - Purchase Department, Kajaria Ceramics Ltd


“The GPS tracker helped me keep a check on the car’s speed as my driver generally drives very fast.It also helped me in reducing petrol cost as most of the times my driver sits in the car for long hours with AC on,with the help of the idle AC report I was able to keep a check on him”

Naveen Jain 

Director, Wellworth Packers Pvt. Ltd.


“We are in business of kitchens and wardrobes which require technical support for installation.We had been doing great business but always faced a peculiar problem-our fitting team of carpenters not reaching on time at sites.This is when we installed gps in all the vehicle which carry the employees to the sites.Post installation we never faced any delays that were unjustified,especially since the installation team understood we could keep them tracking.

Simply I would recommend the product and service on merit”

Abhinav Gaind

Owner, ANTA – Inspired Italian Living


“I have been using Convexicon’s GPS services in my two cars for the last one year and this product has given me a sense of security especially when my son and wife travels with the driver at odd hours.Not only I am able to track their whereabouts at any given time on my smartphone but also in any emergency like car theft I can disable the car just by sending one sms.I am very much satisfied with the services.”

Vikas Sharma

Director, Yellow Collectibles - Interiors, furniture, accessories


“We are very happy with Convexicon’s GPS services- we’re pleased with the level of support that they offer us. We are using their services from last 7 years .

Anil Agarwal

Head – Finance | Deneb & Pollux