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Convexicon awarded certificate of appreciation by Africa Engineering Conference with UNESCO

UNESCO has recognized the contribution and support of Convexicon Software Solution in its quest towards making African cities smarter and more livable.

Using advance technology to solve problems, which can unlock solutions to many more.

We see the potential of leveraging technology to make a transformative impact on delivery of public services and urban governance, and through it, make a real impact on millions of lives.

Intelligent Innovation
Intelligent Innovation

Convexicon is built around a culture of innovation and a motivation to see the bigger picture.

Knowledge Experts
Knowledge Experts

Domain specialists with over 10 years of proven industry experience of delivering medium to large scale IoT projects

Expanding Footprint
Expanding Footprint

We have delivered technology solutions in over 12 countries across Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Solutions Built to Scale
Solutions Built to Scale

We develop solutions, which are not only built to scale, but can also be applied across industries and geographies.

Impacting millions of lives directly, by making essential services efficient.

We are problem solvers. For over a decade, we have engaged with various central and state governments in different countries to deliver smart solutions for better urban governance and efficient provision of municipal services. We have also partnered with the private sector to implement GPS-GIS tracking and monitoring solutions for logistics companies, fleet operators, manufacturing units and construction companies, among others.

Other industries we have partnered with.

Our solutions help make operations more efficient and accountable, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Whilst our solutions have benefited these industries, we are excited to partner with private and government organizations in any domain, to develop customized solutions for their specific challenges.

Manufacturing Sector

Complete Supply Chain management solutions for the manufacturing sector, including E-bidding (a web based digitized SCM system).


Transport and Logistics

Effective control on the operations of a fleet through optimal planning of their routes and overall monitoring.

Healthcare Services

IoT based solutions to reduce costs, improving treatment outcomes and to ensure efficient delivery of healthcare to citizens.

Clients & Partners

We feel honored to be the preferred IoT solution partners for highly reputed government and private organizations, with regional and global presence.

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Why Convexicon ?

Convexicon is built on the core values: Diversity and inclusion, promise to customer & integrity, with a mission to build the future of Fleet Management in Ethiopia. Our custom-tailored solutions are meant to fulfil your business goals while realising impressive cost savings.

Rising to the IT challenges in Ethiopia, Convexicon provides the most versatile Fleet Management Solution meant to increase your revenues through effective fleet monitoring and faster cum more streamlined decision-making support.