Facial Recognition Attendance System

Our Facial Recognition Based Attendance System makes use of the biometrics technology to make your staff attendance faster and contactless.

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Convexicon’s team of profound engineers has combined the features of integrated biometric machines to come up with a reliable facial recognition attendance system.

It makes use of a digital camera to capture image of user’s face and the Digital Image Processing technology to provide the identification results. Convexicon has designed this hardware in-house for the best results.


Convexicon Facial Recognition Attendance System

Ease of Use
Ease of Use

Facial Recognition Attendance System requires no manual effort and records attendance with just a scan at every entry and exit of the office employees or workers. It is a unique contactless system designed to monitor the attendance of not only the employees but also the visitors in the premises.

Time Saving
Time Saving

Facial Recognition Attendance System is faster compared to other biometrics: thumb impression and IRIS recognition and thus saves time. It can be a very useful solution where number of employees entering the premises are huge and using this system we can avoid the queues for marking the thumb attendance.

Keep Records
Keep Records

Our attendance system can store the records for required duration and you can always view and download the previous records to view employee’s presence at work. Further, we will integrate the system with existing Payroll management application using our standard format of web APIs.

Reports and Analytics
Reports and Analytics

Our attendance system provides detailed reports and department/employee wise statistics. You are able to customise the report sections as per the need.

No Risk of Proxy
No Risk of Proxy

Facial recognition technology eliminates the risk of proxy attendance and assure you of the records authenticity.

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