GPS Fleet Tracking and Management

40,000 +
Vehicles Tracked
10,00,000 +
Sensors Installed

Our 3DeTrack™ Fleet Management Solution maps all your vehicles on our enterprise version maps.

Truly Professional
“The Team supported me and was very professional. Their services have helped me in keeping a track of my cars and assured on-time delivery of my items to our customers. Thank you for an extremely satisfying experience.”
Alex Regelman

Co-founder, Colabrio

Brilliant After Sales Service
“Not only is their GPS Solution perfect – the Vehicle Tracking Device has given no downtime, even the software & the mapping technology and after-sales service is brilliant.”
Stacey Rickson

Project Manager, Colabrio

Saved on Admin Hassles & Cost
“After getting the GPS tracking device for our field boys on their bikes we have been relieved of our monthly KM claim with efficient MIS reports from Convexicon’s GPS bike tracking platform.”
Laura Morton

UI/UX Designer, Colabrio

Fleet management means optimal use of vehicles, efficient planning of their routes and proper control on the operations of the fleet.

Our tracking application is a robust platform, which can be easily accessed through any device (laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone) and from anywhere in the world.

What’s more, our development team can swiftly personalize the application to suit your specific requirements.


Everything you need for more efficient fleet operations.


Track your goals on a single screen

The interactive dashboard of the application shows all the relevant information on a single screen. One can see all the vehicles, their state (idle, running, stopped) and whether they are reachable or not.


The most reliable devices in the industry

Convexicon employs advanced GPS products to provide a robust, reliable and low maintenance GPS solution.


Smartest map on the planet

Our Platform is integrated with many base map providers and can be customized with any other map’s API as well. We have integrated all our solutions with OSM, Google, Here & ESRI base maps. We provide all types of layers activated on our base maps depending on the plan a client has chosen.


Made vehicle tracking more handy

Our GPS platform can be accessed on smartphones so you have all the system features at your finger-tips anytime you want, and anywhere you are.


View all fleet vehicles within an area

You can track and find vehicles of your fleet in your specified vicinity. This feature is extremely helpful for car rental companies, as they can extend assistance to any cars that have broken down.


Position updates and instant notifications

Our GPS system gives real time updates and alerts of location, speed, AC and ignition status, geo fencing, battery cut etc., which are very useful for vehicles owners. These updates and alerts are available over email, sms and mobile.


Restrict private use of company vehicles

The geofencing feature gives alerts on exits and entry of vehicles to specified geographical boundaries. It’s especially useful for logistic companies, car rental companies and manufacturing units.


Measure, Manage and Improve

To assist the users of our GPS system, we have included an extensive number of reporting formats for detailed information of a vehicle’s activities on any route, such as distance travelled, idle time, stoppages, ignition and AC status, over-speeding and geofencing alert reports are very helpful for users.


Get notifications on services due

Our system keeps the consolidated information of services and maintenance of your fleet. Information like due service dates of vehicles, tyre change dates, Engine oil change and any other maintenance work detail is maintained and users can view that through reports.


Track anything, anytime, anywhere

In addition to vehicles, we provide special GPS solutions for real-time tracking of important assets.


Save your personalized locations

Users can save personalized locations, delivery points, warehouse locations and any other location of their interest. Users can also set their own landmarks and get alerts for them.


Anti-theft measures

Our smart GPS solutions come with an anti-theft feature, which allows a user to cut the engine power remotely and bring the vehicle to an immediate stop.


Available for up to 45 days

Our platform saves activity and information history for up to 45 days on our servers. Users can access legacy records and extract reports during this period.


We are here to serve you

In addition to our 24*7 real time tracking feature, we provide 24*7 technical support for the benefit of our customers.


Convexicon 3DeTrack™ GPS Tracking & Monitoring Benefits

Increased Productivity and Accountability
Increased Productivity and Accountability

When drivers know that the vehicles are being tracked and monitored, they take fewer liberties with their routes and vehicle use. Geofencing ensures you are informed about vehicle entering or exiting pre-defined locations. The timesheet feature helps you monitor driver attendance and reporting time.

Reduced Fuel Consumption
Reduced Fuel Consumption

Planning efficient routes and monitoring vehicle movement can ensure the fuel consumption is also optimized. Monitoring of idle time and sending alerts to drivers to cut the engine while not moving, can also help save on fuel costs. Since the complete movement is being monitored, there is negligible scope for fuel pilferage.

Driver and Vehicle Safety
Driver and Vehicle Safety

In addition to curtailing bad driving habits and mishandling of the vehicle, two-way alerts ensure the driver is always in touch with the head office and may seek help in case of breakdowns or other emergencies.

Stop Unauthorized Use
Stop Unauthorized Use

Replay reports and other relevant reports can help monitor if the vehicle was used by any unauthorized personnel, and if it was taken to a wrong or unauthorized location. With such reports and movement alerts available on the smartphone, unauthorized use can be monitored in real time and appropriate action taken immediately.

Better Customer Experience
Better Customer Experience

Having access to the location of all the vehicles in the fleet on a single map, owners can identify vehicles nearest to a customer’s location and can dispatch the vehicle immediately. This ensures efficient management of your vehicles, and a delightful experience for your customers.

Towing and Theft Recovery
Towing and Theft Recovery

In case of vehicle theft, the GPS device sends information about its latest location. Even in the event of the device being removed, it sends an sms of its removal and last location. In case of the vehicle being towed, the GPS sends information about the police station where it has been impounded, saving you the anxiety and inconvenience of trying to track it down.

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