Car GPS Tracking

We at Convexicon provide South Africa's top car and four wheeler trackers.

Saved on Admin Hassles & Cost
“After getting the GPS tracking device for our field boys on their bikes we have been relieved of our monthly KM claim with efficient MIS reports from Convexicon’s GPS bike tracking platform.”
Laura Morton

UI/UX Designer, Colabrio

Brilliant After Sales Service
“Not only is their GPS Solution perfect – the Vehicle Tracking Device has given no downtime, even the software & the mapping technology and after-sales service is brilliant.”
Stacey Rickson

Project Manager, Colabrio

Truly Professional
“The Team supported me and was very professional. Their services have helped me in keeping a track of my cars and assured on-time delivery of my items to our customers. Thank you for an extremely satisfying experience.”
Alex Regelman

Co-founder, Colabrio

We believe that every time a commercial vehicle has access to modern fleet technology, the safety of the roads is increased, millions of owners and drivers gain, and the sustainability of the climate is enhanced. Using our all-inclusive app, you may access your vehicle trackers online.

Fleet owners and drivers in developing parts of the world continue to struggle with rudimentary goods and services, despite significant advancements in the developed world in leveraging the best that technology has to offer. Positioning your fleet is incredibly affordable thanks to our car tracker price.


Convexicon Car GPS Tracker Benefits

Improved Safety
Improved Safety

Driver safety is utmost important for a family member or a company and it starts with well maintained vehicles. Our GPS Tracking app provides digital maintenance program enabling you to create and track your maintenance schedules.

We also provide analytics of driver behaviour: sudden break, over speeding and regular inconsistency in speed with alerts and feedbacks for improvement.

Minimize Fuel Cost
Minimize Fuel Cost

With GPS tracking, fleet owners can track the time and the way their vehicles are being operated. Harsh acceleration and and other events leading to decreased fuel efficiency can be tracked and fixed. Alerts related to time-of-use restrictions enable fleet owners to track of any unauthorised use of vehicle.

Routing is also provided by the app allowing drivers to take the shortest route to decrease fuel consumption.

Lower Operational Costs And Increased Productivity
Lower Operational Costs And Increased Productivity

With instant access of vehicle data and stored history, businesses can identify the problems and find quick solutions to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. Graphs and scores are also provided to make the decision making an easy process.

Anti-Theft Support
Anti-Theft Support

Instant alerts on unlikely start of engine can help avoid thefts. The locking mechanism provided in app also users to lock the vehicle directly from the phone.

Theft Recovery
Theft Recovery

During any unlikely event of theft, GPS tracking can assist the authorities to recover the vehicle in least time.

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    Convexicon is built on the core values: Diversity and inclusion, promise to customer & integrity, with a mission to build the future of Fleet Management in South Africa. Our custom-tailored solutions are meant to fulfil your business goals while realising impressive cost savings.

    Rising to the IT challenges in South Africa, Convexicon provides the most versatile Fleet Management Solution meant to increase your revenues through effective fleet monitoring and faster cum more streamlined decision-making support.