Egypt’s Best Online Auction Software: Convexicon

Auctions have been an important part of the buying and selling business for hundreds of years and with the digitisation, auctions are now more manageable and can serve global masses.

There are many online auction applications available in the market but the issues users face are in setting up and conducting the auctions smoothly and efficiently. Although with the solutions developed with right approach, hassle from the user end has not to be a thing.

We have thoroughly studied the market to analyse and bring out the most user friendly and efficient solution which will help you to conduct auctions just with few clicks from your laptop or mobile phone. Our focus has been the bug free and intuitive software which can be used by each and everyone.

We provide the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements.

Convexicon’s auction software is the high-quality solution you can turn to for all your auction related software needs. Our business team consists of the industry experts who will thoroughly review your business needs and will help you with any customisations if required as well.

Already Thinking About How It Works!!

Catering to the all-common needs of e-auction, e-bidding, e-tendering, e-procurement events, we have provided following key features in our solution:


Easy set up:

All you need to do is register yourself and you will be guided with the user-friendly steps to set up your auction. You just need to fill your auction items details, type of auction (reverse/forward auction), share the list of bidders and start the auction.

We also provide the option to conduct open auctions where anyone can submit their bid.

We provide the most effective algorithms to generate maximum savings and best results. Our default algorithms will help you boost your auction game. We also provide custom solutions and can create custom algorithms as per your business needs.

Reach us , with your auction related business needs.


Key Benefits We Provide:

1. Timed Auctions
2. Rank Only Option
3. Advanced Shortlisting
4. Bring your own vendor network
5. Availability of open auctions
6. Consignor Statements
7. Auction Reporting
8. Bidder Invoices
9. Fully Tailored to Your Business Needs
10. Custom Auction Website
11. User Friendly
12. Process Efficiency
13. Time-saving
14. Unlimited Pictures Per Item
15. Supports both reverse and forward auction
16. Supports both B2B and B2C businesses
17. Transparency and fair competition
18. Effective cost compression

Benefits For Buyers:

The procurement professionals can get competitive prices for their products through e-auctions as it allows the suppliers to pitch against each other directly to see which supplier provides the lowest price. It is also time-saving as buyers don’t need to screen long proposal from the suppliers. Through regular e-auctions, a pool of suppliers is always available keeping the business process hassle free.

Benefits For Suppliers:

The e-auctions provide a better reach to buyers allowing the small businesses to compete in the process. This provides great scope to the suppliers and they can compete in new sectors as well. A winning bid opens scope of more business as the buyers tend to choose existing supplier for other business needs as well.

The real-time negotiation helps supplier get current market analysis and they can take required business decisions in upcoming bids as well. Also, a lot of time is saved by participating in e-auctions since they don’t need to draft long proposal and reach out the buyer with personal meets and do follow ups.

E-Auctions Are The Future Of Smart Sourcing:

As we discussed how the e-auctions make the manual process of buyer-seller discovery so easier, we can conclude that the e-auction has the potential to transform how you conduct the sourcing. A competitive environment can be created through the reverse auctions that will help you save the cost & time and bring the best cost compression.

Partnering with Convexicon will expand the horizons of your sourcing. We focus on helping our customers with simplifying the price discovery and, avoiding the price volatility and the hassle of manual efforts.

Convexicon takes care of all your auction needs. The information you need to provide us will include a detailed form to gather information including mainly:

i. How many suppliers will compete in the auction?
ii. What time shall the auction start and how long should it be scheduled to run for?
iii. Do you need to have a long-term schedule for your auction? (Every week/every day etc)?
iv. Do you need to automate open auction in case the best price is not received in closed auction?
v. Are the incumbent suppliers allowed?
vi. What are your decided parameters that will be involved in the bidding: price, terms, shipping and more?

Which Industries Can Benefit From E-Auctions?

A multitude of sectors and domains can use the e-auction solution for their e-procurement process including supply chains & logistics operations, industrial machinery, telecommunications, business technical support programs and commodities.

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