How to track Coronavirus patients in your area?

Coronavirus has been a deadly virus that turned the whole world upside down. New terms like lockdown, social distancing, and quarantine have become commonplace. People started heading out with masks and sanitizers to protect themselves and others around. Digitization became the buzzword. From schools to the workplace, every individual’s routine underwent a paradigm shift, and we are still following the same. The new normal life will be continuing at least for a year, and we all will get used to it as days pass. The Government of India has also launched the Covid-19 tracing app India to help people track the patients who are suffering from Corona. Here is how you can utilize the new app, Aarogya Setu, to effectively track the Coronavirus patients. 


How to use the new Coronavirus Tracker Aarogya Setu app?

The Government of India launched the Aarogya Setu app to ensure citizens safety. The working of the app is simple and efficient. The app will utilize the location and Bluetooth information to determine the appropriate location and the distance between you and the patient. Both Android and iOS users can download the application effortlessly. When PM Narendra Modi spoke to India’s people, he emphasized the importance of downloading the Aarogya Setu app. National Informatics Center developed the Aarogya Setu app to support both Android and iOS mobile devices. It incorporates eleven regional languages along with English. 

By analyzing the description, you will know that the app is intended to increase Government’s initiatives to alert citizens about best practices and timely advisories regarding COVID 19 containment.

The Covid-19 tracing app India acquires your location and Bluetooth info to notify you if you have ever contacted a Coronavirus patient. Moreover, the application also provides directives to take care of yourself during self-isolation. People might have symptoms of Coronavirus, and they are not sure what to do next. For those who are having symptoms, the app provides instructions when they undergo several symptoms. 

Go to the Playstore or Appstore to download the app for Android or iOS devices. It would help if you allowed the app to use location and Bluetooth access. Choose the desired language, tap on Next, and furnish your mobile number before tapping on the Submit option. Your mobile device will receive an OTP. Ensure you add the correct One Time Password to use the Corona Virus Tracker app further. After that, enter your name, gender, age, profession, and countries you have visited in the past three days.  

The Covid-19 tracing app India will let you know the risk level by obtaining your location information. Moreover, the app will also inculcate a self-evaluation feature that will let you know about the risk level by providing the answer to the queries. You can also find Coronavirus help center phone numbers across the country. The app also includes extensive information about Coronavirus, which is quite useful for every citizen. 


Many private organizations like Convexicon are joining hands with the Government to help India’s citizens overcome the deadly Coronavirus. Make use of the Corona Virus Tracker application to stay safe. We all have to protect ourselves with the help of such solutions, which utilize technology to prevent the spread of this disease.