Two-Wheeler GPS Tracking made EASY!

The India’s Electric Automobile Market has seen a tremendous expansion in past few years, especially after the COVID breakout and there still remains a great growth potential. The e-bikes, e-scooters and e-three wheelers are light weight vehicles which fit the purpose of short distance travel in the most effective and eco-friendly manner. The electric vehicles are categorized into all electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles and are designed to meet different driving needs.

You can easily see the e-vehicle in use on daily basis as:

1. Public transport (On Demand Rides by Ola, Uber and more)
2. Food and grocery delivery vehicles (Used by delivery partners of Swiggy, Zomato, BlinkIt and many more)
3. Bike on rent services (Rental E-Bikes by Vigo, Bounce, Zypp and many more)
4. Personal e-bikes and e-scooters used by students and working class
5. Electric three wheelers’ vehicles as public transport
6. Golf Cars and sight seeing cars at golf clubs, tourist places, malls and university campuses

The major usage of e-bikes and e-bikes is seen in the food and ride on demand service industry.

The bike rides help the customers in avoiding the public exposure they get in buses and trains. One can skip the long waiting hours in traffic by opting for e-bikes services rather than the cab services. Therefore, students as well as the working class relies heavily on the e-bikes & e-scooter services for easy commute. The users don’t need to worry about their own vehicle maintenance and parking issues and can save a lot of money using these services.

The on-demand food industry is able to provide quick services with the help of two-wheelers and the usage of electric two wheelers has emerged as the most economic solution for them.


With rising competition in market, the on-demand businesses keep on trying the innovative tech driven features to win the customer preference. The most useful tech driven feature for the e-bikes industry is the GPS Tracker for EV 2 wheelers. Let’s discuss in brief how GPS tracking is useful for the e-vehicle users:

1. On Demand Service business owners can track their e-bikes and drivers using the e-Bike GPS Tracker. They can also share the routing information with drivers over the application.
2. The Delivery Partners and Ride Providers can use the GPS tracking system to share their exact location and ETA.
3. The customers can use the GPS tracking feature to view the location of their ride/delivery partner and the ETA.
4. Drivers can view the routing information for easy commute.
5. Family members can track one’s location while on ride (both for personal vehicle and on demand rides)


Convexicon has launched a GPS tracking solution, with features specifically suitable for the E-Vehicles. The Convexicon’s GPS Tracker for EV 2 wheelers provide SMART MOBILITY FEATURES allowing the driver to get routing information and share his / her location in real time with other users. Other users including the managers and the customers can view the real time location of the driver on the app and can also share it externally with other users (family members or friends).

If you own an e-commerce delivery boy app for food and grocery, you can use the features of Convexicon’s e-Bike GPS Tracker to have a smooth day to day task tracking and better customer service. Using our services, you can track your bike in real time and we provide easy integration with web as well as mobile apps (both iOS & Android).

The Convexicon’s GPS Tracker for electric 2-wheeler also provide the anti-theft functionality, using which the vehicle owner can get notifications about the engine start and stop events and can turn off the vehicle using the app in case any suspicious activity is detected. The app also allows the geofencing feature which can help the user to set a boundary in which the vehicle is usually used and any escape from the boundary gets instantly notified on the app. In case of theft, the GPS tracking functionality can help in easy detection and recovery of the vehicle. For personal e-bikes and scooters as well, GPS tracking is a great functionality as it provides the anti-theft solution and can help you be in loop with your family members.


The solution is designed specifically with the requirement of e-vehicles in mind and gets charged from the vehicle battery itself. You need not to worry about battery change/low backup. Also, it needs minimal power to work and won’t take much of your vehicle’s charging.


Convexicon provides the smart mobility solution for e-vehicles at a very reasonable price so that both the business owners as well as personal vehicle users can benefit from it. The business version of the Convexicon’s e-Bike GPS Tracker comes with an extensive monitoring functionality allowing the managers to view multiple vehicle location on a single screen, provide routing information and monitor ride allocations. The per vehicle reporting system also helps in various business decisions including driver behaviour monitoring, training and more.

The Motorcycle GPS Tracking device cost has been kept minimal by us to provide a budget friendly solution to the individual users as well as on demand business owners.


The Convexicon’s GPS tracker for EV 2 wheelers comes with an explanatory user manual and is easy to install. You just need to connect it to your bike/scooter and it will start fetching data on to your application. We also provide technical assistance for the device installation, if required. We provide on-site visits and installation takes half an hour at max.

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