Ensuring Kids Safety with Convexicons School Bus Tracking Solution – Best Service Providers In Kenya

A school bus monitoring solution is a system that allows schools, parents, and other stakeholders to track and monitor the location, status, and performance of school buses in real-time. This type of solution can be implemented using a combination of GPS, Mobile phone tracking, software applications, and other IoT technologies.

With the technological advancements in Kenya, more and more schools are opting the school bus tracking technology and it also adds to their reputation. Convexicon is one of the leading IoT solution provider in places like Nairobi in Kenya to provides the most effective and affordable school bus tracking solution in the region.

Convexicon’s team initiate the process by determining the specific requirements of the school bus tracking system, including the number of buses to be monitored, the level of granularity of the tracking data needed, and any additional features that may be desired (e.g., real-time notifications, route optimization, driver behavior monitoring, student tracking, etc.) with the school management teams in Kenya.

school bus tracking system

Convexicon’s School bus tracking system is loaded with the following features:

1. Real-time tracking: This allows schools and parents in Nairobi and other cities of Kenya to see the location of the school bus in real-time with all stoppages on the route, ensuring that the bus is on schedule and providing peace of mind.

2. Route optimization: This feature can help to optimize the bus route based on traffic conditions in cities of Kenya, ensuring that the bus takes the most efficient route and reducing the risk of delays.

3. Driver behavior monitoring: Advanced GPS tracking can monitor the behavior of the bus driver, including their speed and acceleration patterns. This can help to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents. Any repeated incidents of harsh driving can be easily noticed by the school authority enabling them to take timely disciplinary actions.

4. Student tracking: Our school bus monitoring solutions allow schools to track the location of individual students as they get on and off the bus, providing an additional level of security. With the help of RFID chip, which can be securely placed anywhere on student’s bag, users can track when the student boarded and de-boarded the bus. Kid’s regular timesheet report can also be maintained using RFID based attendance.

5. Alerts and notifications: The system can send alerts and notifications in real-time, such as if the bus is running late or if there is a problem with the bus. Also, it will send the notification to parents app in a predetermined time band before the bus arrives at their daily fixed stoppage point along the route.

6. Historical data: The system can store historical data on the location and performance of the bus, allowing schools to review past routes and identify any issues or areas for improvement.

school bus tracking solution

What Is Unique About Convexicon’s Real-Time School Bus Tracking Solution?

Convexicon is the leading provider of School Bus Tracking Solutions in Kenya and below are the key benefits provided, that makes it the best in market:

1. Ease Of Installation:

The Convexicon’s School bus GPS tracking devices are easy to install and can be installed on your own using the easy-to-understand user manual. After installing the device, you just need to follow a few easy steps on the application and you will start getting real-time updates. In case, you require assistance, we provide on-site visit and can install the devices for you.

2. Ease Of Use:

The user applications are designed with ease of use in mind. Any novice attendant can use the application and even the elderly grandparents can easily use the application. The application also has contact options allowing the school authorities/parents to send notifications or contact the driver on duty.

3. Data Security:

The school authorities need not to worry about their data security as all the data is hosted over the cloud and kept secure using proper encryption methods. The data can be saved for required amount of time and any previous records can be fetched at any time using easy-to-use search filters.

4. Customisable:

Convexicon’s school bus tracking system is highly customisable as it can run without GPS and the tracking can be done via driver mobile app as well. It can save upfront cost for school management, while at the same time reducing the maintainence cost and later hardware problems.

Apart from all the features we also train the school staff on how to use the school bus monitoring system, including how to access and interpret the tracking data and how to use any additional features that may be included. Convexicon’s support cell is pro-active and any issue faced by the user is resolved in real-time. We have a record of 100% customer retention and provide best in class service

By implementing a school bus monitoring solution, it is possible to improve the safety and efficiency of school transportation, as well as provide peace of mind to parents and guardians.

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