Secure Your School Bus Transportation with Convexicon

School buses are considered to be the safest mode of transportation for students in every country. All government led instructions are followed to make the ride safe for students. The Road and Transport Authority, Kenya also has detailed list of laws to keep school buses safe including: the mandatory yellow paint of bus with School Bus written on it in bold, address and contact number of the school mentioned on the bus, minimum lower footstep height from ground, two emergency exit doors, fire extinguishers, camera, speed limit and more.

With the changing times, schools are more focused on enhancing the school bus safety with the help of technology. Convexicon provides the high-definition GPS systems which helps the school administration and parents in tracking the current location of the bus and ETA. The real-time exchange of location detail allows the school authorities and parents to have the peace of mind.

Convexicon’s School Bus GPS Tracking Solution also provides the facility to track if or when the student has onboarded or left the bus. RFID tags are securely placed on student’s bag or water bottle and allows the School Bus Tracking System to identify when the student enters/leaves the bus. It also automatically updates the bus attendance sheet and eliminates the requirement of manual efforts.

Convexicon’s School Bus Location Tracking Apps are available on both the iOS and Android, and are easy to use.


One-Stop Solution For Your Gps Tracking Needs:

Convexicon provides the full-fledged GPS tracking solution including both the hardware and software and the solution can be customised as per the client’s requirement.

Product customization is the key to catering to the varying needs of the clients and serving the customer base in a meaningful and personalised way. We have designed our solution to cater customers with different hardware / software needs and availability.

Supported Hardware Customisations:

The key solutions through which you can enjoy the functionalities provided by Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking apps are:

Convexicon’s GPS Tracking Solution:

We provide the GPS tracking solution (hardware) which can be easily installed in your school buses to start tracking the vehicle location. The trackers come with easy-to-use manuals and can be installed by layman users as well. We also provide on-site visits for device installation and integration, if required. As soon as the tracker is installed, the application identifies the tracker and starts fetching the data.

The RFID tag-based attendance can also be controlled using the admin section of the application that allows the user to add student information to specific RFID tags and store as well as share the data with other users both in-app and externally.

school bus monitoring solutions

Location Tracking using Driver’s Mobile App:

Depending on the set up of the transportation department of the school, we also provide the functionality to track school bus location using the GPS based location tracking app in driver’s mobile. The driver only needs to login and provide the location access to the Convexicon’s app and the data will start getting fetched accurately. This eliminates the need of manual installation of the GPS tracking device in the school bus.

Support existing GPS Tracker:

For many schools, tracking the location through GPS based location trackers installed in the bus can be a priority to avoid the dependency on driver app login and could be having different vendor’s GPS tracking devices already installed in their school buses.

If your school buses already have other GPS based location trackers installed, you don’t need to worry about getting them exchanged with the Convexicon’s GPS based location trackers. We also provide third party API integrations and will integrate your existing trackers and support all popular GPS based Location Tracking device vendors. This saves the cost and hassle especially for schools with a large number of buses with GPS trackers already installed from other vendors.

If you have GPS trackers already installed, please share details here, and our expert team with reach you out with the detailed plan of action.

Supported Software Customisations:

You pay only for the facilities you need. We also provide the application customisations to fulfil the varying customer needs and provide value for money. The school authorities can choose from the following offered set of functionalities additional to the real-time location tracking as per their requirement, and can demand any additional service as well:

1. Allow parents to view driver details and contact him directly through the app
2. Allow parents to share any foreseen absence of student with driver through app to avoid time consumed by the bus service in waiting on the stops
3. Automated attendance module
4. Absent management module with notifications to parents and school authorities
5. Driver’s time of arrival and speed meter reports
6. Reports and data exchange, import/export
7. Dashboard to view data in form of charts/tables

As a leading provider of school bus monitoring solutions in Nairobi and across Kenya, we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of students while they are in transit. Our innovative solutions utilize advanced technology and real-time tracking to provide peace of mind for parents, teachers, and school administrators. With our comprehensive range of services, we are dedicated to helping schools in Nairobi, Kenya achieve the highest standards of safety and security. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your school’s transportation needs.