Privacy Policy

Mobile App Privacy Policy

1. General information.
1.1 The mobile app shows vehicle location information provided by GPS installed in vehicle, voluntarily by the user.
1.2 The application do not take phone number oo name from the user.
1.3 The user can login only if he/she has the login details already given by our company.
1.4 User can only update his phone number and email id voluntarily.
1.5 Data of vehicle location is not shared with any third parties.
1.6 No phonebook or camera access is required.
1.7 The mobile application do not share any private data of the user with any third party.
1.8 The SMS feature access is to be enabled voluntarily by the user.
1.8 The push notification feature is to be enabled voluntarily by the user.

2. The provision of data.
2.1 The data shall not be made available to third parties.

3. If you have additional questions, please contact us at