Weighbridge Automation Solution

Convexicon provides the Unmanned RFID Weighbridge Solution with all the features required to conduct Weighbridge management tasks effectively.

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“The Weighbridge Automation solution from Convexicon is incredibly user-friendly and adaptable to our needs. We have deployed it on our 25+ sites and are able to manage our weighbridges effortlessly.”
Alex Regelman

Co-founder, Colabrio

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“Convexicon's Weighbridge Automation solution is a considerable improvement over the market's more conventional choices. Additionally, it can be integrated into our current ERP. We have upgraded all four plants of ours with Convexicon's Weighbridge Automation Solution.”
Stacey Rickson

Project Manager, Colabrio

Weighbridge Automation & Software

Weighbridge Automation Solution

Weighbridge is an integral part of various businesses and can now be automated to reduce manual intervention. We provide automated solution allowing 24*7 weighing tasks completion without the need of an operator. Our Automated Weighbridge System’s user-friendly interface and focus on convenience of use make it simple for drivers to manage all tasks independently. The RFID Weighbridge Automation feature can convert any Weighbridge into a smart unattended terminal.

Convexicon is the topmost provider of the Software Solutions for Weighbridges in India and provides automation for various processes including: RFID integration, Vehicle Position System, Vehicle Number Plate Recognition, Surveillance Cameras, Vehicle Weighing Software, Traffic Lights, Boom Barriers and can be integrated with the organisation’s existing ERP and other digital solutions in real time.

We also provide custom solutions with easy-to-use reporting modules including charts and graphs for statistics.


Weighbridge Automation Solution Provides Following Key Features

  • Weighbridge Integration with respective ERPs, SAP, Hana, Oracle, Postgres, MS NAV, MS D635, MS Axapta.
  • Connect Multiple Remotely Located Weighbridges at one Place
  • View stats and analytics from multiple Weighbridges on a single screen
  • Collect all Weighbridge live data in your mobile and web apps with Real-time Weighbridge Automation
  • Responsive design supporting different devices
  • Cloud based data hosting
  • Centralised data storage to eliminate data duplication
  • Easy to use admin panel and multi-user functionality
  • Third party app integrations
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports, with custom filters available
  • User dashboard with live data and graphic statistics (charts, tables and graphs)
  • Custom filters to search data per user/vehicle


Convexicon’s Automated Weighbridge Solution


The automated weighbridge system does away with the requirement for staff at the weighbridge terminal. Our technology offers tailored automation for a variety of operations, reducing the need for back-end manpower as well. Long-term savings are significant, especially for the retail industry.

Ease of Management and Accounting
Ease of Management and Accounting

The integration with existing ERPs and custom data management & reporting module allows you to manage the vehicle & goods data and process your accounting related tasks with ease. We also provide the automated receipt features and other custom features as per the requirement.

Supports Multiple Weighbridges
Supports Multiple Weighbridges

With our solution, you can track multiple Weighbridges located at remote locations and view the live data and reports of multiple Weighbridges on a single screen. This will aid your overall business management activities.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency
Increased Productivity and Efficiency

With the intuitive UI, instructions related to weighing are automated through the use of cameras, traffic lights with written instructions and sound alarm. It speeds up the process and reduces the TAT (Turn Around Time) for busy Weighbridges along with the elimination of human error.

Improved and Secure Asset Tracking
Improved and Secure Asset Tracking

Integrating the traffic lights, sound alert system and camera helps in monitoring the vehicles and preventing any unauthorised access. This makes your Weighbridge and the premises more secure, making you worry free. The live monitoring and stored records provide transparency and help in identifying any unlikely event.

Aids in Decision-Making
Aids in Decision-Making

Making business decisions on the management of each Weighbridge is made simple by controlling the traffic at each Weighbridge. Any necessary maintenance work is instantly discovered using live monitoring, which enables you to take preventative measures as soon as possible. Our user dashboard offers customized statistics and reports based on the parameters you choose, assisting you in increasing your productivity.

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