School Bus Monitoring Solution

With Convexicon take your school bus management to the next level. Say goodbye to traditional GPS device based school bus tracking system and hello to Convexicon's School Bus Monitoring Solution.

Improved Student's Safety
“Convexicon's School Bus Monitoring Solution has been a game-changer for our school. The real-time tracking and efficient route planning have significantly improved our student's safety and reduced fuel consumption.”
Alex Regelman

Co-founder, Colabrio

A Game Changer in School Transportation
“As a school administrator, having a comprehensive solution for school bus management has improved the efficiency and accountability of our transportation system. The driver behavior monitoring and monthly trip history features have been instrumental in ensuring the safety of our students.”
Stacey Rickson

Project Manager, Colabrio

Peace of Mind
“As a busy parent, having access to real-time updates on my child's school bus has been a lifesaver. The emergency alert button gives me peace of mind knowing that prompt action will be taken in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Thank you, Convexicon, for making my life easier!”
Laura Morton

UI/UX Designer, Colabrio

Experience peace of mind with real-time updates and advanced features that empower both parents and school authorities to keep track of their students’ safety. Our user-friendly school bus tracking app for both iOS and Android offer easy access for parents, bus attendants, and school administrators. Our cutting-edge technology provides an all-in-one solution that makes tracking, monitoring, and managing your school fleet effortless and efficient.

With benefits ranging from improved student safety, route optimisation, reduced fuel consumption, and increased driver efficiency, to monthly trip history and automated RFID student attendance tracking, Convexicon’s MANTIS is the best school bus tracking system one can find in the market. Our unique RFID tag identification system ensures hassle-free attendance tracking and provides a sense of security for all parties involved. The RFID tags can be easily placed on students’ bags or bottles.

Say goodbye to anxiety of waiting about your child’s bus arrival time. Our real-time ETA feature and notifications during both arrival and drop off gives parents the peace of mind they need to plan their day and be ready to receive their child on time. The seamless communication through our school bus tracker app eliminates wait times for the driver and ensures that parents are always informed, even in case of unexpected delays caused by traffic. And in case of any emergency, our app is equipped with an emergency alert button, which when activated, sends notifications to all relevant parties, ensuring prompt attention and action.


Convexicon School Bus Monitoring Solution

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Track your child's bus with ease and confidence. Our school bus tracker provides real-time ETAs and notifications to ensure you know when to expect their arrival.

Real-Time Notifications
Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed and up-to-date with real-time notifications about the status of your child's bus arrival and drop off during the route in our school bus tracking app for parents.

Efficient Route Management
Efficient Route Management

Plan efficient routes for better safety and fuel efficiency with the help of our route planning tools and live support.

Seamless Connectivity
Seamless Connectivity

Communicate easily with parents, bus attendants, and school administrators using our app's integrated communication features.

Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with our advanced reporting features, including charts, graphs, and statistics. Plan your fleets and staff with confidence.

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    Why Convexicon ?

    Convexicon India is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the education industry. Our School Bus Tracking System is the result of years of research and development, aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of school bus transportation. We believe that every child deserves a safe and comfortable journey to and from school and our mission is to provide a solution that ensures that.

    With a team of experts in technology and education, we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for all users. Join us on our journey to revolutionize school bus management and experience peace of mind.