5 Best Employee Attendance Tracker Apps [in 2023]

Efficiently managing employee attendance is crucial when it comes to developing effective HR, resource management and customer service strategies. Shift and task scheduling is dependent on the team availability and therefore an effective attendance tracking system is required to track absenteeism and leaves.

Attendance Management App allows the companies to monitor employee attendance and keep track of the expected and unexpected time off, providing a wide range of benefits including:

1. Increased productivity
2. Enforcing discipline
3. Reduction in overtime pay costs
4. Maintaining a positive work atmosphere
5. Ensuring fairness, transparency and equitable distribution of workload
6. Compliance with the labor laws

With the attendance management app, time can be saved and overall efficiency of employee management can be enhanced. With a number of attendance tracker apps available in the market, it is difficult to decide which one can be the most suitable for you. We have compiled a list of top 5 Attendance Tracking Apps for making your search easy – take a look at them below!

1. Zoho People

Zoho People makes managing time and attendance effortless, enabling you to ensure optimal staffing levels for seamless business operations. This platform offers a fully customizable performance management module, allowing you to deliver regular feedback and training to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

Zoho People provides fundamental HR capabilities including time tracking, onboarding, and scheduling. It is a highly customizable platform that aims to streamline HR processes. HR Managers can establish workflows to efficiently handle daily tasks or delegate them to other team members. The platform offers document templates and instant field updates, ensuring that the HR department maintains well-organised records. Additionally, Zoho People’s scheduler enables the creation of automated emails and reports, ensuring that they are delivered to the appropriate recipients.

2. Convexicon’s KYTE

KYTE is a mobile based daily attendance app, purpose-built to streamline company operations by automating traditional paper-based and other in-office hardware-based attendance management tasks. The unified employee database serves as a centralised and reliable source of information for all employees. It includes a comprehensive knowledge base and an intuitive employee self-service portal including attendance management, leave management and shift scheduling modules. KYTE encompasses all the essential features one would anticipate from an attendance management app, and even goes beyond to offer additional functionalities.


Employee Attendance Tracker

KYTE provides the geo-location tracking features including automated geo-attendance when employee signs in and out, history trail of on-site employees and also allows the management to build a geo-fence to track employee’s presence in specific area during the work hours. The app also allows the employees to click and post a selfie with attendance for authenticity. KYTE is the best sales employee tracking app with the precise location tracking feature and is equally effective for the in-office staff management.

KYTE encompasses workforce intelligence tools and attendance analytics that automatically generate comprehensive reports. The detailed reports helps in monitoring the team performance and enables data-driven decision-making for businesses. Features such as these make it stand out from the rest of the solutions, that are there in the market.

KYTE has been adopted by various industries to monitor their on-site and in-office employees and has helped them in improving their productivity. KYTE is easy to integrate with existing software solutions as well. Book a demo today!


TORK is another popular online app based attendance and leave management system which allows the users to conveniently mark their attendance using their mobile devices. The app is user friendly and enhances employee satisfaction. TORK is based on facial recognition model and also offers the real-time data through its dashboard, enabling organizations to make informed business decisions.

It consolidates employee information into a centralised database, facilitating improved communication across departments. It’s self-service feature empowers employees to log their working hours, request leave, and provide real-time updates to their team members.

4. Lystloc

Lystloc in an e-attendance app that offers real-time location intelligence, empowering organizations to effortlessly track their on-field employees and vehicles from anywhere, at any instant. The app is specifically designed for tracking location-based information, managing on-location attendance, work assignments and data analytics, among other features. Lystloc like other listed apps, ensures optimal performance in terms of speed, scalability and security.

It provides sales mangers with comprehensive information about the precise location of their on-filed employees and sales team, enabling them to manage the tasks accordingly. Lystloc’s field workforce management software also provides automated data-driven insights by generating customized electronic reports. These reports empower company managers to make strategic and tactical decisions related to field tasks with ease.

5. Techno Purple

The e-attendance app by Techno Purple is another robust solution for outdoor staff monitoring. With the real-time geolocation and mobile GPS tracking, you can easily determine who is currently on the clock, on a break, or clocked out. This functionality is accessible from any device, allowing you to verify a person’s location at a specific day and time, thereby minimizing payroll disputes. The application is specifically designed to assist businesses in managing various administrative operations such as staff scheduling, communications, time and attendance tracking and leaves management. Supervisors can gain valuable insights into worker’s punctuality, enabling effective workforce management.

Managing and tracking the employee attendance can be a challenging task without an effective software solution in place. Therefore, it is important to opt for an effective e-attendance app to simplify and streamline the attendance management, and optimise the employee performance effortlessly.

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