Top 7 Reasons Why KYTE is the Best Attendance Tracking Solution for Healthcare and Pharma [2023]

Data-driven technologies are transforming the pharmaceutical industry, from the research lab to the patient’s bedside, as outlined by Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis, who envisions the Swiss giant to be “medicine and data science company”.

Big pharmas and other healthcare institutions including research laboratories, hospitals, clinics and nursing centres need to quickly embrace the new era of advancements in digital technologies, to remain competitive. The digital technologies can increase the productivity at all the levels.

The healthcare and Pharma industry is always operating 24*7 to provide the essential services required to keep us healthy and safe, and therefore have a large number of employees working in shifts. Therefore, let’s today talk about an important aspect of the Human Resource Management: Employee Attendance Management. Effective employee attendance tracking is crucial for the Healthcare and Pharma Industry to keep the operations effective and cater to the patients in a timely manner.

Convexicon’s has come up with KYTE: A Cloud Based Online Employee Attendance Management Solution which can help you with real-time attendance tracking and offers attendance capture via mobile applications without need of any attendance tracking hardware. The cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, and it integrates easily with existing HR and payroll systems.

KYTE is an online attendance system that is designed to automate and streamline attendance tracking and management for healthcare and pharma companies. The application can be used to manage and track the attendance of staff at all the levels including the management personnel, staff working in shifts and the sales team going on-site as well.


Before we dive deep into the benefits of KYTE for the Healthcare and Pharma industry let’s have a quick look at the key features provided by the application:

i. Real-time attendance tracking with live location and trail history features
ii. Easy to use Mobile attendance app with intuitive UI for employees to mark attendance and apply for the leaves
iii. Approval workflow for leave requests, with email notifications and status updates
iv. Easy to add employees, their designations, and departments through the Admin interface
v. User management and access control, with multiple user roles and permissions
vi. Customise the attendance policies to suit different organisations and work schedules
vii. Shift scheduling and assigning staff directly from the app, with real-time notifications and confirmation from the staff members feature
viii. Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, with customisable report templates and scheduling options
ix. Integration with existing HR systems for seamless data transfer
x. Cloud-based system accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
xi. Data security and privacy, with secure data storage and access controls

These key features would have given you an idea of what KYTE does. Now let’s see what specific benefit does KYTE offer for the healthcare and pharma industry:

1. Reliability: You need not to worry about proxies with KYTE

With a large number of staffs working in shifts, the biggest challenge for the healthcare and pharma industry is tracking the attendance and avoid the proxies. Timely presence of employees is crucial for the operational excellence in pharma industry which can’t be compromised, adhering to the healthcare standards and the same applies to other healthcare institutions. The digital methods involving biometrics eliminates any chance of proxy which is a big issue in manual attendance tracking. KYTE mobile app is easy to use and the staff can be easily trained to use the app for daily attendance tracking.

2. Motivate your staff to be disciplined

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and and its goals, quote by Kevin Kruse, a New York Times best-selling author, and Forbes contributor.

Employee Engagement is crucial for the success of every organisation. Through the attendance digitization of employee in their workplace, the employees tend to feel motivated to reach on time and be honest with their work hours. The online attendance app also allows the employees to view their previous attendance records with a few clicks from the app itself, reducing the hassle to reach HR for any required previous details. Also, the app includes the leave management module allowing the employees to apply leaves directly from the app and view the status of approval from the app itself. It reduces a lot of hassle on team manger’s level and leads to effective team collaboration.


3. Track the live location of your sales and other on-site team members

The healthcare and pharma industry have big networking needs to fulfil various purposes including the sale and purchase of medicines, medical equipments, exchange of samples and reports and many more. Therefore, a large number of employees are always travelling from one site to another. With the live location tracking and history trail, it becomes easy to track the employees, whether they are reaching the designated site on time and which ultimately builds a trust in information exchange between the employee and the employer.

4. Work Shifts Management for 24*7 active Healthcare and Pharma industry

The operational leaders in pharma and healthcare industry are well aware of the importance of effective work shift scheduling and how it is important for operational excellence. A lot of time and efforts of the operational leaders in spent in deciding and managing the shifts and assigning the employees to different shifts in effective manner. With KYTE, the shifts can be easily scheduled with few clicks. Any overlapping assignment of an employee in notified by the application in real-time, providing great assistance to the assigning authority. Also, the assigned employees are notified directly on the app, making the work environment transparent and inclusive for all the employees.

5. Aids Recruitment Decisions

With effective employee attendance tracker, long term records and shifts management feature, the management authorities can easily track which shifts require new employee recruitments, and can make the decisions related to the requirement of additional shifts and employee recruitments easy.

6. Supports decision making during employee appraisal

The online availability of unambiguous attendance records which can be accessed with few clicks, it is easy to track the sincerity of the employee towards the organisation. Any extra hours spent by the employee in the workplace to serve emergencies can also be identified easily which play an important role in employee appraisal decision making.

7. Effective leaves and grievance management

KYTE supports the effective leave and grievance management through easy to use leave management module and allowing the employees to access their attendance records anytime from anywhere. Any discrepancy in the days or hours attended and salary received can easily be tracked and communicated with the accounts department for easy resolution. This further builds the trust between the employees and the employer.

If you are having a healthcare or pharma business and wish to move your focus from man force management to expanding the business, KYTE is the perfect solution for you. Book the free demo at: +91 8800443333.