10 Ways School Bus Tracking Systems Help Improve School Transportation (And Reduce Costs!)

Uncover the possibilities of school bus monitoring systems and witness the transformative impact of our robust solution, MANTIS, on enhancing the safety and efficiency of your school transportation operations. Our system, designed after studying various school bus management models in India and abroad, offers real-time GPS tracking, student check-in & check-out, route optimization, and detailed reporting. Read on as we delve into the features and advantages of implementing a school bus monitoring system, ensuring secure and convenient transportation for students.

Understanding how School Bus Tracking System is Beneficial for the School Administration 

While choosing a school for their kids, parents analyse various metrics with student safety and security being the topmost. The safety concern is not limited to the school campus but extends to outside the campus including mainly the commute to home. GPS based School Bus Monitoring System has numerous safety and administrative benefits which can help in building school’s reputation and smoothing the school bus operations.

Top 10 Benefits of MANTIS – School Bus Tracking Solution :

1. Real-Time School Bus Monitoring by the School and Parents

The most obvious benefit of the School Tracking System is the real-time tracking by the users including the school admins and the parents. The users can access the location of the school bus at any instant through the static or real-time location updates from the app. The parents are notified the very instant, school bus leaves the school premises and any diversion from the designated route is also notified in real-time to both the parents and the school authorities.

This allows the modern-day busy parents to plan their whereabouts so that they can pick up their child from the drop point on time.


2. A sense of Peace for both the Parents and the School Authorities

With the real-time location tracking, peace of mind is another obvious and a key benefit. Knowing’s kids’ location when travelling to and from the school leaves the parents and school authorities with a sense of calm. Apart from the daily commute, it is especially helpful when kids are out on a picnic, in other school premises for sports and other events. The in-app notifications eliminate the need of calls and messages exchange between the parents and school authorities saving them from a lot of hassle.

3. Monitoring the Driver Behavior and Driving Habits

Little steps can contribute to the security in big ways. MANTIS allows you to track the driver behavior and driver habits on daily basis and provides reports over certain periods, allowing you to monitor driver behavior to avoid accidents. The metrics MANTIS cover to analyse the driver behavior includes instances of over speeding, rash driving, sharp turns, engine idle turn, sudden break and infringing the traffic rules.

Tracking multiple instance of poor driving habits can help in determining driver’s behavior allowing the school authorities to take appropriate disciplinary actions. This is a big step in ensuring the safe commute of the students.

4. Custom School Bus Tracking Software

MANTIS offers flexibility and integration options, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with your existing GPS system or function as a hardware-free solution using an attendant app, providing a customizable and convenient school bus tracking solution for your school’s unique needs.

5. Geofenced Bus Stoppages & Alerts

With MANTIS, we geofence designated bus stoppages along the school bus route, ensuring buses stop at the designated locations. If a bus fails to stop for a designated time period at a designated bus stop, MANTIS alerts the school administrator, providing enhanced monitoring and accountability for student safety.


6. School Bus Scheduling & Route Planning for Fuel Efficiency

Effective School Bus Scheduling is necessary to make optimum use of the school bus inventory. The school bus scheduling module of MANTIS, allows the school authorities to analyse the time consumption over different routes and the number of trips per school bus per day or over a desired period of time. This data analysis will help the school administration to make effective changes in the school schedule to make the optimum use of their resources.

Effective scheduling also helps in finding the shortest and safest routes for the student pick up and drop and saves time as well as the fuel. The route scheduling is also an aid for the new drivers as they can view all route information directly from the app.

7. Effective Records Creation and Management

Manual record keeping is a tedious task weather it is for the bus scheduling, driver assignment or trips tracking. Our in-app GPS tracking systems records the data including the distance travelled, hours of trip, number of trips completed and can store the data for desired amount of days. The school authorities can fetch the data at any instant with a few clicks.

MANTIS also helps you with the customised reports as per the requirement so you don’t need to maintain excel sheets or paper registers for just anything.

8. RFID Based School Bus Tracking

Since we figured out the school bus tracking, the next question is how to be sure about if the kid has actually onboarded the bus or not. With increasing mischievousness among children admits the modern digital era, parents as well as school authorities worry a lot about children being disciplined and not missing the school bus.

RFID based student attendance is the answer we came up with after due-diligence and have built a module in our app which identifies whenever a student onboards or leaves the school bus through a RFID tag which can be easily placed over the student’s bag or water bottle. This feature allows the parents to have a mental peace around their children taking the school bus and not going elsewhere post the school. This also leads to digital attendance management saving a lot of time and efforts on the drover assistant’s end.

9. Contact Driver Directly from the School Bus Tracker App

With our School bus tracker, parents can call the driver assistant directly by viewing his/her information on the app and don’t need to make multiple calls to the school authorities in case direct communication with the child on bus is required.

Similarly, with multiple buses on multiple routes, its difficult for the school authorities to maintain regular manual records on driver and driver assistant on-board and can therefore view the information quickly on the app with a few clicks. It leads to easy communication and adds a peace of mind of all indulged parties.

10. Better Utilisation of the School Transport Budget

Along with the effective bus scheduling, the school authorities can also plan and manage the maintenance schedules of their buses in an effective manner allowing them to plan and cut costs through effective fuel management and timely vehicle maintenance.

Detailed reports on daily trips and time spent in each route can help authorities to plan the routes better and use the existing buses in optimised manner which leads to effective use of the transport budget by cutting the need of additional number of buses. These little benefits add to great financial benefits to the school in long-run.

Wrap Up

Right now, there are thirty-one satellites zipping around the world specifically to gather the GPS based data. We need to use this data wherever possible to get the most benefits out of it and School Bus Tracking is definitely the sector that needs GPS Based Tracking to ensure student safety and gather the data for essential decisions regarding optimised use of school transport system.

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