Why MANTIS is the best Mobile App-Based School Bus Monitoring Solution in 2023?

An ideal school bus tracking application should offer real-time tracking of the school buses, allowing users to view their live locations. The app must be compatible with the fleet management system and easily accessible from the mobile, enabling everyone to track the bus location anytime and anywhere. The app should also be able to track students onboarding and off-boarding, simplifying the school bus management with an easy-to-use interface.

MANTIS is the best school bus monitoring system as it fulfils all these requirements and is built after carefully surveying the needs of modern-day schools. It is built with the latest technologies and can be easily installed and used on mobile phones. The UI is intuitive allowing the users to get familiar with the functionalities in single use.

Why is school bus tracking important?

School bus tracking apps are highly beneficial for both school authorities and parents as well in multiple ways, some of which are mention below.

1. By tracking bus’s location, school bus operators can take corrective action quickly to prevent delays or accidents.
2. Parents can easily monitor their child’s whereabouts and arrival or departure times.
3. School bus tracker like MANTIS offers high levels of security, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, time-saving and reduction in paperwork.
4. MANTIS helps you streamline entire school bus fleet’s operations, making the system more efficient.
5. Key data metrics MANTIS captures and show in real-time and history are:
i. Total Bus Stoppages
ii. Live location
iii. Courses followed by bus
iv. Stoppages covered by the bus
v. Any delays in reaching the bus stops
vi. Significant period reports
vii. Student attendance records


school bus tracking application

How MANTIS Works?

Utilizing GPS Technology for Accurate Tracking

MANTIS makes use of the GPS technology via mobile device, which is based on a receiver that detects the radio signals transmitted by orbiting satellites to calculate the device’s location on the earth’s surface through mathematical estimations. GPS tracking devices utilise advanced and unique technology that can pinpoint the exact location with an accuracy up to 10 meters. The tracker determines its position by confirming the distance from at least four satellites, improving the device’s accuracy.

Mobile Integration for Real-Time Location Data

MANTIS makes use of this remarkable GPS technology through the mobile devices to capture and real-time location data to a map, which is used to estimate the expected time of arrival at each stop. Users, mainly the school authorities and parents, can access the app to view the bus’s location in real-time and receive alerts in case of any delays along the assigned route. The app integrates various school activities, issues notifications and send alerts as per the set criteria.

What makes MANTIS standout and be the best school bus tracking system ?

Real-Time Updates on Bus Location

MANTIS offers real-time updates on the school bus’s location, allowing parents and school authorities to know its whereabouts at all times, enhancing student safety.

Student Attendance Tracking with RFID Tags

When the child enters the bus, an RFID reader in the bus records their attendance. The RFID tag enabled card can be issued to students or it can be easily placed on student’s bag or water bottle. The driver assistant can easily view attendance marked based on RFID tags and maintain discipline and safety of the students while on the bus. All this information is sent to the school bus managers to streamline the process and take required actions at any time. A notification is also sent to the parents informing them that their child has boarded the bus.

The system also keeps a record of the bus’s arrival and departure, as well as the students boarding and leaving the bus, promoting the efficient fleet management and ensuring the safety of students.


school bus monitoring system

Monitoring Driver Behavior and Route Compliance

The system sends notifications to the users and the driver about the scheduled routes and trips. The real-time monitoring of the driver behaviour can be done through this school bus tracking app as the management can analyse on the home dashboard, if the drivers are reaching designated stoppages on time and are pausing for designated amount of time on such stoppages. This enables the school authorities to take corrective actions.

Notifications and Communication Channels

Being unaware of their kid’s location can send parents into the panic mode, especially when kids are on a school picnic, school excursions, field trips or sports events outside of the traditional school hours.

The school bus tracking system reduces the burden on school authorities and parents, and facilitates driver-parent communication. With MANTIS, the parents can track their child’s school bus in real-time on their smart phone and don’t need to call school authorities for location updates.

The app displays the bus’s live location and sends notifications when the bus is about to reach, helping parents ensure their children reach the bus-stop on time. It also sends notifications in the event of delays or route changes and enables the driver to communicate with the parent. The contact number of driver assistant present on the bus is also listed on the app, allowing effective communication in case a parent needs to ask or convey any information.

The student ridership data collected through RFID tags also provides the parents and the school with the assurance that their child is on the correct bus, at appropriate stop, and at the right time.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Also, all the student and parent’s data collected over the app is completely safe as MANTIS understands the importance of data security and even signs an Non Disclosure Agreement with the school authorities assuring them of the data being secure.


MANTIS can effectively help the school administrations in operating the school efficiently and ensure the safety of the students while commuting to and from the school along with building a strong relationship with the parents. MANTIS not only ensures student safety and efficient fleet management but also provides numerous benefits for the school management in the long run.

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