Maximize Safety and Security with Mantis: The #1 School Bus Tracking System [2023]

The biggest concern of a parent is the safety of their children especially when they are far from their sight. The time between a child onboarding the bus and reaching the school or home creates a sense of insecurity in many parents. This stress sometimes even gets unfairly directed towards the school authorities when the bus gets late due to any reason. This creates additional hassle for the school authorities to reach out the bus driver, get relevant information and get back to the parent. The time of wait can create more stress to the parents. This is also one of the main reasons that parents choose to pick or drop the children on their own rather than relying on the school transport system.

The good news is that with digital advancements, it is easy to tackle this situation.

With Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking System, now both the parents and school authorities can get real-time access to the school bus’s location and any traffic congestion that may cause the delay. The school bus tracking app also has a panic button to ensure quick response in case of any unlikely event. This provides a sense of relief to the parents and allows them to feel confident in the school transport system.

Here is how, our School Bus Tracking Solution makes the school transport system more safe and secure:

1. Hardware Free Solution:

Our school bus tracking system is a hardware free solution, making it easy and cost-effective solution to implement for the school authorities . With our attendant app, the designated bus attendant can start the trip, monitor all designated geofenced stoppages, and end the trip when the students have been safely dropped off.

Parents can track the live location of the school bus in real-time via the parental app and receive notifications before pick-up and drop-off, ensuring they never miss their child’s bus. Our geofencing technology ensures accurate tracking of the school bus’s location, giving parents peace of mind and allowing them to feel confident in the safety and security of their child’s school transportation.

Finally, our admin web app provides an overall bird’s eye view of the entire school bus fleet, enabling school authorities to manage their transportation system more efficiently.


2. Geofencing of School Buses:

Our School Bus Tracking Solution also provide the facility of geo-fencing of all bus stoppages along the school bus routes allowing users to instantly identify if bus has stopped on the assigned stoppage or not. It helps the school authorities to ensure that the school buses won’t deviate from the pre-defined routes. In case any discrepancy is identified, alerts are sent to the concerned authorities in real-time so that they can take relevant action.

3. Track status of bus movement:

Through the logs of bus’s travel history, it is possible to analyse the driver’s behaviour. Any speed violation, sudden accelerations, breaks, unscheduled or long stoppage, any deviation from the pre-defined route etc. can be tracked through our school bus tracking app.

4. Record navigation history:

The GPS devices can store the recorded location data which is transmitted to the centralised data on our application. We record all the data on cloud and therefore, it is easily accessible anytime from anywhere. Therefore, the data gets saved for the future reference or audits.


5. Automated student attendance:

Our School Bus Tracker allows the automated student attendance through a RFID tag, unique to each student which can be easily placed on the water bottle or school bag. RFID school bus tracking system helps in creating a disciplinary environment and provide a sense of relief to the parents.

6. Monitor efficiency of the school transport system:

The data availability for long periods of time helps in performing the audit of the entire system to analyse the loopholes and make improvements. Using the different metrics, school authorities can monitor the fuel usage, number of trips per week/month/quarter/year, routes management and tracking details, driver’s behaviour, student’s absenteeism, and this data can further be used to conclude the efficiency of the school tracking system and required steps to improve the same.

7. Lower Traffic Congestion Outside School Gates:

Last but not the least comes this important benefit that adds to the student safety as well. With our School Bus Tracker, parents can feel confident in the school transport system and let their children commute by bus rather than picking and dropping them on their own. This reduces the vehicle congestion on the school gate and provides added road safety to the students waiting for their bus on the school gate.

To understand how Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking System works and can add value to your school bus security and efficiency, call us at +91 8800443333 to book a demo for this robust school bus tracking software.