Convexicon’s Bus Monitoring Solution: A Step Ahead for Schools

As parents and educators, the safety of our children is always our top priority. That’s why we at Convexicon are excited to announce our new bus monitoring solution for schools all across the country. This innovative technology provides a range of features to ensure the safety and security of students while they’re on the bus. We will go through how the solution works and some of the features of the solution in this blog post.

Our bus monitoring solution includes an attendant feature. The school administrator will assign an attendant to a particular route. The attendant will be responsible for starting the trip daily and the whole route will be loaded in their app with all the stoppages they have to cover. The attendant’s details, including their name and contact information, will be provided to the parent in their app. This allows parents to have direct access to the attendant and ensures that their child’s safety is the top priority.


The solution also includes a notification feature for parents. When the bus is approaching the designated stop of their wards’, parents will receive a notification in between 5-20 mins prior to the arrival of the bus depending upon the customisations. This allows parents to be prepared for the arrival of their child and ensure a safe pick-up and drop. Additionally, parents can also access live tracking of their child’s bus during the entire trip, giving them real-time updates on the bus’s location and ensuring their child’s safety. Furthermore, a dashboard is provided where parents can check the previous week’s trip details. This way they can keep track of their child’s daily travel and be at ease.

So, the real-time tracking feature of our bus monitoring solution allows school administrators and parents to know the exact location of the bus at all times. This can provide peace of mind for parents who are worried about the whereabouts of their child during their bus ride. Since this system can rely on mobile phone without the functionality of GPS device, we have made the whole solution hardware free. Another important feature is the ability to monitor the speed of the bus and the driver behaviour. This can help ensure that the bus driver is following the speed limit and driving safely without harsh braking etc. In the event of an emergency, school administrators can also use this feature to quickly locate the bus and respond to the situation.


Finally, our bus monitoring solution also includes an emergency button. This can be used by the bus driver or students in case of an emergency, alerting school administrators and emergency services immediately.

Our bus monitoring solution is hardware-free, which means that it does not require any additional equipment to be installed on the bus. This can save schools money on installation costs and allows for a more streamlined solution. Additionally, it provides flexibility in case the school already has GPS installed. Our solution can be easily integrated with the existing GPS to provide a more comprehensive monitoring system. This way schools can benefit from both the cost saving and the enhanced features of our solution.

At Convexicon, we are committed to providing the best software solutions to our clients. Our new bus monitoring solution for schools is just one example of our dedication to safety and security. With this new technology, we can help ensure that our children are safe while they’re on the bus and can be used without any hardware installation.