5 Key Benefits of Waste Collection Monitoring Systems for Municipalities

Waste management is a big challenge in the modern world. With the increase in population, evolving consumption patterns and rapid urbanisation, the waste production has substantially increased. It is day by day becoming difficult to control the situation with the conventional methods. Therefore, smart strategies powered by the latest technology have become the need of the hour.

How can the use of technology lead to better waste management?
The use of technology can add to the effectiveness of waste management by providing better task tracking and decision-making support. With the help of technology, it is easy to monitor the waste management process, find any loopholes and build strategies to handle the future waste in advance. The waste collection monitoring systems can offer various benefits like:
– Easy surveillance
– Effective shift scheduling and tracking
– Data analytics and predictive modeling

Convexicon’s Smart Waste Management System offers all these advantages along with the customisations available to suit the needs of different cities and municipalities.

In this article, we will explore the paramount reasons why embracing the smart waste management is essential for fostering a cleaner and more sustainable future. To understand it better, let’s break down the information in to the top 5 benefits offered by waste collection monitoring systems:

Benefits of Waste Collection Monitoring Systems for Municipalities

1. Easy surveillance with RFID & GPS Tracking:
The waste collection monitoring systems offer various methods to make the waste collection effective and easy. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and GPS tracking technologies can be integrated into the waste management systems to monitor the location of waste containers and the movement of collection vehicles. RFID tags make it easy to identify which bins have been emptied and which are due, making it easy to sort the related tasks. The Garbage monitoring system using IoT smart garbage management system ensures that the bins are collected from the designated locations, reducing the likelihood of the missed pickups.

2. Effective communication through mobile apps:

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
– George Bernard Shaw

Effective communication is the core to the success of any task. Smooth communication between all the stakeholders is essential to make a process run smoothly. The use of mobile apps facilitates the smooth communication between municipalities and residents, as well as among the municipality staff members. The residents can use these apps to report issues such as missed collection, overflowing bins and check the status of their complaints. Similarly the municipalities can communicate with the residents in a prompt manner, using the mobile apps.

The real-time task tracking and allocation features offered by Convexicon’s Waste Collection Monitoring System make the communication within team effective, leading to timely tasks completion and reporting. Also, our UI is intuitive and easy to use, making it easy for team members to use the apps with little to no guidance required.

3. Data-Driven Decision Making:
With the help of data analytics and predictive modeling features offered by the Waste Collection Monitoring Systems, the municipalities can analyse the historical waste generation data and predict the future waste generation. By identifying the trends and patterns, the authorities are in a better position to make the informed decisions regarding collection schedules, resource allocation and waste management strategies.

Convexicon’s Waste Collection Monitoring System offers an easy to use dashboards with charts and tables to depict the pattern in an easy to understand manner. The user can customise the parameters to view analytics for different scenarios. We also provide tech support and training to help users create and fetch required analytics. Click here to book a demo.

4. Cost Reduction:
With real-time tracking of waste collection status and analytics offered by the waste collection monitoring systems, it is possible to build the waste collection strategies to be just-in-time. Sending the trucks for collection only when they are nearing full capacity can minimize unnecessary trips. The route and waste collection trip optimization leads to cost reduction in fuel, labor and maintenance expenses.

5. Improved Service Quality:
Last but not the least, the waste monitoring systems lead to an increased satisfaction among the residents and a positive perception of the municipal services. By ensuring timely waste collections and implementing effective waste management strategies, the municipalities can provide a more reliable waste collection service to the residents.

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