Real-Time School Bus Tracking Solution : By Convexicon

Kid’s safety is the utmost concern of every parent. Parents feel safe when the kid is at home or in school premises but do worry when the kid is out alone. The congested urban environments and any unexpected delay in the arrival of school bus can leave parents worried. The school bus tracking system is the solution that provides parents with the satisfaction of being aware about where their kid is.

The school buses have GPS devices installed in them which send the real time location of the school bus on to a map. This data is used to provide the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) of the school bus to the app users. In addition to the ETA, the users can view the bus approaching to the station in real time on the map on his/her app screen.

After reviewing the needs of parents and the school authorities, Convexicon has come up with a School Bus GPS Tracking Solution which provides the Real Time Location Tracking of School Buses with additional unique benefits:

school bus tracking solution

1. Notifies when the bus stops at any stop

The real time school bus location tracking feature provided by the Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking Solution provides notifications about school buses stopping at any stops, along with the real time display of school bus location on the map.

2. ETA Reminders

The parents can view the ETA while waiting for the bus and can be informed about any delay or early arrival of the school bus. The ETA reminders can also be customised by the school authorities to notify the parents about bus arrival when the set minutes are left for the bus to reach their stop.

3. Routing and Geo-fencing

The school authorities can use the Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking System to assign routes and geo-fences to their school buses. Implementing any changes to routes and monitoring the movements of school buses is very easy. Any deviation of the school bus from assigned route/geo-fence are detected in real time and alerts are sent to the system.

4. Speed Tracking

The school authorities can also set the speed limit so that anytime the speed limit is crossed, the real time alerts are sent to the drivers and managers/school authorities, in order to have a secure ride.

School Bus Tracking System

5. Driver Behaviour Monitoring

The Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking has the advanced features to track any sudden breaks, inconsistent accelerations and can help the school authorities to track and monitor the driver behaviour. This helps the authorities to take relevant disciplinary actions well in advance to avoid any undesirable event.

6. Driver’s Contact Information

Using the app, the parents and school authorities can get in contact with driver for the day in case any instant communication is required. This saves the user’s time and efforts to find which driver is on duty for the day and creates a sense of security as well. The direct driver parent communication can provide a great relief to the school authorities and relieve the anxiety of the parents as well.

7. Time & Cost Saving

Automatic routing and shortest route assignment feature saves lot of distance and time. It also leads to better fuel efficiency. The ETA reminders sent to parents also save a lot of time for drivers that they might have to spend waiting for the students on the stop otherwise. The Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking System also plans and schedules the maintenance of the school buses to reduce the downtime losses and breakdown costs.

The school bus GPS tracking system also warns the drivers of the traffic hazards on the road in advance to save time with route deviation and avoid any accidents, thus providing better security and reducing the insurance premium costs.

8. Automatic attendance with RFID scanners

Convexicon’s School Bus Tracking System allows the parents and school authorities to get notified of students onboarding and getting off the bus. This is done with the help of the RFID scanners which are tagged to the student’s bags leading to automatic detection and instant notifications when student onboards or gets off the school bus. The parents are assured that the child is reaching the school and leaving in a safe manner. The daily driver login and student attendance records can also be stored on the app for desirable period of time and the records can be downloaded for external use.

The school authorities are also able to track student’s behaviour and any undesirable absence from the school which helps in implementing the discipline.

The working parents find the School Bus Tracking App really useful as they can know from ETA when to pick up a child from the stop and can remain worry free with the arrival notifications in case they are away at work and a nanny or other family member has to receive the child.

Convexicon provides iOS as well Android apps allowing all mobile users to have an access and the app is also available over the web browser.

The Convexicon’s School Bus GPS Tracking Devices are reliable and very easy to install and comes with an easy-to-understand user manual. We also provide on-site device integration facilities and can guide you through all app usage steps through a live demo. To know more or book a demo, click here or call us +91 8800443333