Why Small Businesses Need Time and Attendance Software in 2023?

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, majority of businesses have moved towards the remote or hybrid work culture. This transition can be seen in 90% of the small businesses. Remote work provides great benefits of work life balance to employees and cost cutting plus the ability to provide better customer services to the business owners. However, with increased work flexibility comes the challenge of monitoring work completion, identifying who is responsible for it, and determining who has the potential to take on more.

In this article, we will offer suggestions for monitoring the remote work, discuss the attendance monitoring difficulties posed by such remote or hybrid work, and explain how our attendance software can streamline the remote work, and provide you with great benefits.

Investing in an attendance tracking system can prove to be your best investment by providing a bundle of benefits including:

1. Hassle-free management of workflow
2. Elimination of paper-based work environment
3. Real-time tracking of work progress
4. Dependable and trustworthy data
5. Improved productivity
6. Preservation of the company’s culture
7. Customized and adaptable work arrangements
8. Field sales tracking
9. Economical and cost-effective

Importance of Attendance Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Monitoring the employee absenteeism is crucial for gauging the overall well-being and productivity of an organisation. High rates of absenteeism can have a significant impact on a company’s financial performance, as it results in following challenges:

1. Decreased productivity
2. Increased workload for remaining employees
3. Potential delays in project completion
4. Higher expenses related to hiring temporary workers on paying overtime

By monitoring and addressing absenteeism, businesses can identify patterns and underlying reasons, allowing them to develop and implement strategies that minimize the negative effects of employee absence.

Importance of Attendance Tracking System

Importance of Attendance Tracking System

How Small Businesses can get effected from lack of effective attendance tracking?

Not tracking the attendance of remote workforce can result in severe operational as well as financial consequences for businesses. Some of key scenarios that can arise are:

1. Reduced Productivity

With employees being absent, late or working for lesser hours, the workload has to be distributed among the employees present during the shift. This situation can lead to decreased productivity as employees may struggle to keep up with additional responsibilities and experience burnout.

2. Decreased Morale

Excessive absenteeism can lead to increased stress for the remaining employees and decrease their morale. Low morale, additional workload and low job satisfaction can further add to the employee absenteeism and a total disaster for the business owners. Dissatisfied employees are more likely to seek employment elsewhere, increasing the recruitment and training costs. They may also become less committed to the organization and its goals, impacting performance and productivity.

3. Increased Labor Costs

With untracked frequent absenteeism, businesses may need to hire temporary workers and pay higher overtime to cover for the missing employees. These additional costs can lead to reduced profitability to the business, when compounded over the long term. The financial resources allocated to cover the absenteeism could be used for other business priorities including business expansion.

4. Potential Compliance Issues

Failure to accurately track the employee attendance can lead to legal and regulatory issues. Non-compliance with mandatory rest breaks or maximum work hours can lead to legal penalties and enforcement actions. Inaccurate or incomplete attendance record can hinder compliance with record-keeping requirements, resulting in fines and penalties. The legal and regulatory issues can harm a company’s reputation, affecting its ability to attract and retain employees and clients.

employee attendance and time tracking

employee attendance and time tracking

How can small businesses benefit from KYTE: Best Attendance Software in India?

KYTE offers a comprehensive platform that combine the employee attendance and time tracking features, making it a one-stop solution for small businesses. KYTE is a cloud-based real-time attendance software that enables managers to effortlessly monitor employees’ work hours, including their start and end times, breaks taken and more. Moreover, supervisors can easily oversee employee absence and approve time off requests. The in-app leave management module of KYTE is easy to use and creates the required coordination between employees and managers.

The geo-attendance feature provided by KYTE, captures employee’s location, ensures accurate tracking of employee attendance and prevents fraudulent activities. The managers can also create geo-fence to track any untimely exits of employee in the work zone during work hours.

KYTE also offers advanced analytics, providing the business owners with valuable sights into their team’s presence and performance.

A peek into KYTE’s key features:

1. Comprehensive time tracking with e-attendance features
2. Track punch in punch out attendance from a few clicks on app
3. Track any exits from geo-fence
4. Shift planning and scheduling
5. Cloud-based record storage
6. Detailed attendance reports and analytics
7. Advanced security features such as GPS, history trail, geo-fence and post a selfie with attendance
8. Digitised Leave Management
9. Real-time notifications and alerts to keep you updated on attendance and other important events

If you are a small business owner looking to up-level your remote workforce monitoring game, KYTE can be solution you envision to have. Book a free demo today or call us at 8800443333