Ensuring Accountability of Your Security Guards: How Attendance Tracking App Can Help?

Security agencies often face the challenge of tracking the attendance of their employees, including security guards, supervisors, and other field workers. The timeliness of security teams arriving at their designated job location is crucial in providing effective security services. Therefore, effective attendance tracking is crucial. Fortunately, KYTE offers the perfect solution for tracking the online attendance of security guards. This platform comes equipped with the geo-attendance feature, which keeps records of the guard’s location during their work hours.

Kyte attendance app allows security guards to clock in and out from their mobile phones. But it is not just a regular security guard tracking app, it is much more than that. It offers a complete platform for time tracking and security guard management, location-based attendance and history trail data, improved planning and monitoring of security guard operations, a paperless environment with digitization and automation, detailed reports and analytics leading to effective business decisions, and more.

Why is Online Attendance System so important for Security Agencies?

Implementing an online attendance system is crucial for security agencies to ensure proper supervision of their guards, which is crucial in maintaining quality service. Inadequate supervision can lead to poorly trained and demotivated guards, resulting in unprofessional behavior such as chronic lateness or even theft. The key aspect of supervision is tracking the exact clock-in and clock-out time of guards. This also goes a long way in helping security agencies to monitor the performance of their security guards.

The conventional techniques of monitoring security guard attendance involve manual recording of clock-in and clock-out times on paper registers, with supervisors collecting the registers for monitoring purposes and conducting random checks to ensure the guards are present at their designated posts. However, this approach has several vulnerabilities, including the possibility of proxy attendance and increased workload for supervisors.

Online Attendance System for Security Guards

Online Attendance System for Security Guards

By contrast, the adoption of an online attendance app such as KyteHR, which offers geo-attendance and live location features, can streamline and improve the attendance monitoring process for security agencies.

KYTE allows security guards to check-in and check-out directly from their phones, along with sharing their location, eliminating the need to stand by a fixed attendance site, saving a lot of time. Supervisors can view the guard’s location at any instant from the app, eliminating the need for manual checks. KYTE is the best online attendance app for employees as it provides the feature to set a geo-fence so that supervisors are notified whenever an employee exits or enters the geo-fence during work hours, providing real-time location data.

Online Attendance Records help in forecasting time and attendance

Online attendance records can help with various insights. Creating optimized guard schedules requires effective forecasting to determine the appropriate number of guards needed per shift, which can ultimately help reduce unnecessary labor costs. Accurate forecasting of time and attendance can lead to several benefits, including improved service to clients by ensuring that there are enough guards available for each shift. KYTE provides the in-app scheduling module, which simplifies the scheduling process further.

Online Attendance System for security agencies

Online Attendance System for Security Agencies

E-attendance reports

Reporting is crucial for gaining insights into guard’s performance regarding their work timings and attendance, as well as effectiveness of workflows and processes. Reports provide valuable information on trends, which is crucial for accurate forecasting. In addition, reporting enables the identification and understanding of potential risks and opportunities for improvement. With the location data tracking feature, KYTE provides various reports beneficial for businesses and allows them to create custom reports as per their requirement.

An effective attendance management system can foster a sense of connection and community among guards, even those working remotely, improving their engagement and reducing labor costs associated with absenteeism and scheduling conflicts. KYTE provides an in-app leave management module, allowing guards to apply leaves and view the approval status directly from the app, facilitating easy communication with their supervisors and saving time and effort for the whole team.

If you are a security agency looking for a smart attendance app to improve your business process, KYTE is definitely the answer for you. Book a free demo today by clicking here.