How KYTE – A Cloud Based Attendance Management System is helping Construction Companies (5 Key Benefits)

Convexicon’s KYTE is a robust employee attendance tracker designed to automate and streamline attendance tracking for organizations. The system provides real-time attendance tracking, live location tracking, customizable reporting and analytics, and support for online attendance capture methods in mobile applications, making it easy to access solution.

The functionalities have been carefully developed and designed to benefit both the employers and employees. The intuitive UI allows the users to get used to the app in few clicks. Employees can easily mark their attendance, apply for leaves and track the attendance records using the application. Also, the real-time access to the attendance records allows employees to plan their work schedule and leaves effectively.

The HR and the Accounts department can easily access the employee’s attendance record from the app and generate monthly reports accordingly. Other group of people who can benefit from the app are the project managers and team lead. They can easily schedule the staff shifts and notify the employees regarding any shift change through the app itself. Also, the users can view any advance leaves applied by employees to schedule the staff and can approve the leaves / request employee to reschedule it as per need, from the application itself.


How KYTE Attendance Application Can Be The Backbone Of The Construction Companies?

We have been collaborating with clients from different domains including IT, logistics, on-demand services HR services and more. With our recent client in construction domain: Nitigya Buildcon, we have found KYTE to be especially beneficial for the construction industry.

The construction companies have a wide range of employee roles including: structural engineers, architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, quantity surveyors, construction managers, labour and more. Managing the workforce effectively is therefore a big challenge from them. The progress of the construction companies is totally dependent on their employees reaching and thus analysing, planning & building the sites on time. Therefore, making use of technological advancements is necessary to streamline the employee attendance tracking in a timely manner.

The employee’s real-time location tracking, trail history and work schedules management are important features in KYTE that can help with fulfilling this goal. Managing the large number of employees, especially the field employees become easy with KYTE which can allow the authorities to focus on business processes other than the employee management.

Also, we aim for continuous improvement and keep updating the features with changing trends so that our clients are always getting the best. If you have a venture in construction industry, you should definitely give KYTE a try.

Let’s have a look at key unique features offered by KYTE:

1. Real-time attendance tracking with live location tracking and trail history features
2. Mobile attendance app with intuitive UI allowing employees to mark attendance with few clicks
3. Easy to use LEAVE MANAGEMENT MODULE with email and in-app push notifications
4. Easy integration with existing HR systems for seamless data transfer
5. Easy to use Admin interface with user management features including multiple user roles and permission management
6. Customizable attendance policies to suit different organizations and work schedules
7. Effective leave approval workflow
8. Extensive reports and analytics with template customization features
9. Data privacy and security
10. Access from anywhere functionality with cloud support


Kytehr is a location-based, real-time field employee attendance tracking app that helps businesses effectively manage their on-field workforce. The application helps in tracking location-related details of construction site employees or workers, monitoring and managing their daily activities and work site status easily.

5 Key Benefits, KYTE Provide:

1. Automated Attendance & Leave Management

As discussed above, KYTE is the ultimate solution for the staff attendance and leave management. The employees can mark & track attendance from their mobile phones and the HR team don’t need to scroll the spreadsheet with long rows and can view desired data with few clicks from their app. This saves a lot of time which can be used progressively in other tasks. The automated leave management system can be customized according to the organization’s leave policies creating a disciplinary environment with added benefits to both the employees and employers.

2. Paperless Environment

With KYTE, the need of maintaining sheets for the attendance records gets totally vanished. The workers don’t need to mark his or her attendance on any sheet nor does the HR team require to manage piles of sheets month by month, year by year. A lot of stationary and office space is saved with saying no to the manual attendance records. Also, reviewing an old record from piles of paper is a great hassle. KYTE is therefore an echo-friendly solution, bringing a long list of benefits.

3. Staff And Work Shifts Planning Support

The staff scheduling module allows the managers to schedule the work shifts and plan their resources using the app itself. The roles and permissions to the managers can be easily provided by the admin section. The managers can easily track the presence of their team members and notify them of any shift changes through the attendance app itself. The online records help the authorities plan the work schedules in advance, contributing to the organization’s productivity.

4. Data Reliability And Effective Employee Grievance Management

The real-time attendance updates, GPS Based Location tracking of the employees and trail history feature adds to the data reliability which is not possible with the manual data tracking. The companies with field employees like the construction industry can benefit the most with this feature as it allows them to get detailed records of their labour’s availability during the shift- adding to the better customer service. With the real-time records availability, the employees can also feel confident about their availability-reporting and can view any desired previous record with a click. Any misunderstanding that may arise can be easily resolved using the app records, leading to effective grievance handling on organization’s end.

5. Aids Workforce Related Decision Making

KYTE provides a detailed reporting and analytics modules with fields-customization feature, allowing the management authorities to view the employee attendance records and take crucial business decisions including: planning effective work schedules, workforce hiring & replacement, workforce planning, change in attendance or leave policies and more. The construction sites can make quick progress in their projects through workforce management, with insights from KYTE.

We at Convexicon provides the employee attendance tracking app for the construction industry pan India (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and other states). If you are looking for reliable employee attendance app to automate your attendance and leave management system as well, reach us at: +91 8800443333 or schedule a free demo Our team will thoroughly review your business model, existing policies and will bring the customized solution catering to your need. Also, our expert team will help you suggest latest trends, your organisation can benefit from.