Efficient Solid Waste Management for City Municipalities: The Top Reasons to Choose Convexicon

Sustainable Solid Waste Management – the progress of a state starts with the clean environment.

Development of a city or a state is dependent on its living standards, social and economic growth. Increase in industrialisation has led to an increase in the urbanisation and has thus created an alarming need for effective Solid Waste Management. Little provision for the solid waste management leads to environment degradation, risk of diseases and climate changes. We can’t imagine a city to progress as a society without managing its waste.

If left unattended, the issues related to the solid waste management will force us and our children to live in a filthy world with overwhelming pollution. The good news is that as the waste is increasing, the global momentum to find effective solution to make the solid waste management sustainable is also increasing.

Convexicon has also taken an initiative in this field and introduced a sustainable waste management solution to offer solutions to the social, economical and environment issues arising from ineffective solid waste management practices. It is important to recognise the existing loopholes in waste management practices and fix them to create a clean world. Waste management can be costly but the significant health and environmental impacts caused by uncollected or poorly disposed waste can be way costly to address. Therefore, apart from public sector now private sector has also started investing in Solid Waste Management Solutions to create a better tomorrow for coming generation.

Our solution is focused on effective planning and tracking of the waste management practices leading to timely waste management. The latest technologies and machineries to take care of the waste are already available out there but we do need to take urgent actions to make the process of waste collection and recycling effective.

Many industrialists have begun to invest in sustainable Solid Waste Management and if you are the one looking for an initiative in this field, Convexicon is the right place to start with. The solution can be customised as per your requirement and process model.


Here is an overview of how our application provides an efficient All Rounder – Solid Waste Management Solution:

We have designed our solution with focus on detecting and regulating any neglects by the solid waste management employees, thus leading to a disciplinary environment and better tracking of the progress made. The key features, we offer include:

Effective tracking of waste collection vehicles

The effective waste collection is totally dependent on the waste collection vehicles reaching the destination on time, whether its about the residential areas or the industrial areas. With our vehicle tracking solution through location tracking and the use of RFID tags, we regulate the timings of waste collection vehicles reaching the designated areas.

Effective route planning and tracking

Our application provides the option to plan and designate the routes to different drivers and the same is tracked in real-time to avoid any delays and absence from the work. This allows the authorities to plan their Solid Waste Management activities and avoid any negligence that can be caused on the part of employees. This is done through the GPS solution integrated into our application. The UI is easy to use and intuitive, allowing the users to manage the routes and track the data with few clicks.

Track the areas covered or uncovered

We also provide the solution to identify the covered and uncovered sites through the use of RFID tag readers. Different colour coded RFID tags can be used to identify the sites that are already visited by waste management team and the remaining ones. Employee can enter the information using the RFID reader and the authorities can view it on their screens in real-time.

Real-Time Attendance and Location Tracking Solution

The huge monetary investments and the complete structure of the solid waste management is meant to fail if the workforce is not tracked and managed effectively. Therefore, Convexicon has provided the module to record the real-time attendance of the designated employees and can track their location in real-time during the designated work hours. The record history is saved in the app and can be easily accessed with few clicks to track any prolonged absenteeism or other work negligence.


Face Recognition App to avoid proxies

To avoid proxies, we have included the feature of face recognition for attendance and it also provides an easy and quick solution to the workforce to mark their attendance. Proper tracking also encourages the workforce to reach the sites on time.

Heart beat tracking through wrist watch to track sweeping actions

Another advanced feature, Convexicon offers is the sweeping actions tracking through the heartbeat tracking of the workforce. A sturdy wrist watch/band can be provided to the workforce which will provide the data of their heart rate changes related to the action of sweeping during the work hours. It is an effective step in creating a disciplinary environment and also encourages the work force as their efforts are getting noted in real-time.

Track designated vehicles entering and leaving the Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), dump-yards, bioremediation centres and recycle centres

Another important factor in effective Solid Waste Management is the timely disposal of the waste at appropriate centres. This can be tracked through real-time tracking of the designated vehicles leaving and entering the relevant sites. Additional to the GPS based tracking, Convexicon provides the functionality of readers that can be attached to the vehicles and scanned on site gates leading to real-time tracking of the moment when the designated vehicles enter and leave the site.

The vehicle & site designation and data tracking module is again user friendly and easy to use.

WeighBridge Automation Solution

Calculating the amount of waste entering and leaving the sites is necessary to keep a check on increase/decrease in waste collections and take relevant actions. The most effective way to this is the automated weighbridge solution. Convexicon also provides the weighbridge automation solution and can take care of your waste weighing requirements as well.


Methane Gas Monitoring Sensors

A major issue faced by the Solid Waste Management Industry is that the methane gas starts to accumulate around the dump-yards which causes a lot of inconvenience to the people living near to the areas and can largely contribute to the air pollution. Therefore, Convexicon also offers the digital solution to this issue through methane gas monitoring sensors which track the rising methane gas levels in real-time and send alerts if it is reaching the risk level. This allows the Waste Management Authorities to plan the waste treatment activities in a timely and effective manner.

We have already successfully implemented our solution in collaboration with various Municipal Corporation for over 10 cities in the country, including for Lucknow Municipal Corporation, Hubbali Dharwad Smart City, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Varanasi Smart City just to name a few and plan to further contribute into the clean India. To know more about our product, feel free to reach us at: +91 8800443333