Automated WeighBridge Management: Smart Business Solution for the Mining Industry

Mines have been leveraging the new technologies for enhancing their productivity from decades. Majority of the top mining businesses have already revolutionised their business processes with the use of technology. The major improvements have been achieved through the IoT services as vehicle movement is the backbone of the mining industry. Since the material movement in mines acts on a large scale on daily basis, the effective material weighing, getting in and out of the mines is an important aspect for tracking the material amounts and eliminating any thefts or frauds. The automated weighing is therefore the necessary facility required in mines and related plants.

In today’s mining industry, optimizing productivity and efficiency is crucial for success. One area where advancements in technology can make a significant impact is weighbridge automation. By utilizing advanced weighbridge automation and load cell technology, mining companies can streamline their material handling automation and improve their heavy equipment weighing accuracy.

Convexicon has studied the mine business scenarios and has brought a revolutionary product. We have built a WeighBridge Management Solution with smart integration of the software and hardware to support the mining business processes. The Online WeighBridge Management Solution offers the automation of various processes including weighing the vehicles, tracking the driver details, tracking the vehicle in-out records, validation of data recorded at different check points and much more.


Our WeighBridge Management Solution has the capability to function in the online as well as offline mode to collect critical weighing operations and other vehicle in and out operations tracking. The solution is focused at collecting the real-time data and achieve the process efficiency. The application is available both on web and mobile and can be effectively installed at mines and other related industries & logistic parks. The application supports easy integrations with the cameras, WeighBridge, boom barriers, barcode readers and RFID tags.

Our WeighBridge Management Solution is the unmanned solution that can take care of all the WeighBridge operations including weighing, loading, driver & vehicle tracking, and more. It is the perfect blend of the IoT and the process automation technologies to ensure swift consignment receipts, WeighBridge checkpoint management and other dispatch operations management for the miners.

The integration of the cutting-edge software and high-performance hardware reduces the requirement of the manpower for WeighBridge related operations. The data captured is transmitted to the minerals management application in a secure manner. The scope of human error is eliminated using the data capture and transmission automation leading to efficient mining business operations management.

Our solution offers best in class payload management systems that has become increasingly popular in the mining industry. These systems use automated weighbridge systems to accurately measure the weight of trucks and other heavy equipment, ensuring that they are not overloaded and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Conveyor belt weighing systems are also a key component of mining automation, providing real-time data on the amount of material being transported and enabling companies to make informed decisions about their mining processes.


With the help of our Online WeighBridge Management Software, the weighbridge can be converted into an un-manned system, where the data input, identification and authentication are handled automatically through advanced technology. When a vehicle approaches the weighbridge, its details are captured through an RFID reader or an ANPR camera, eliminating the need for a dedicated weighbridge operator and the data gets pushed to cloud server.

Along with the operational intelligence, the weighbridge automation also provides the cost reduction, creating a win-win situation for the users. The manned Weighbridges are prone to many issues including:

1. High dependency on the booth operators
2. Prone to malfunctioning or frauds
3. Can’t detect the incidence of fraud, theft, and malpractice
4. Transparency gets lacked due to human interference
5. Lower efficiency and yet higher operational costs
6. Mismanagement and crowding in busy plants
7. Comparatively greater time consumption

The unmanned Weighbridges on the other hand covers all these issues and act as an effective solution. Convexicon’s WeighBridge Automation Solution comes with the intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows the truck drivers to use it with ease. It is an intelligent application that can convert any digital weighbridge to a smart unattended terminal. The system can be easily integrated with many add-ons including the RFID Integration, Existing vehicle weighing software, Camera plate recognition solution, Vehicle Position System, surveillance cameras, loudspeakers, traffic lights, boom barriers and integration with available ERPs, SAP and Oracle.

Key Benefits Of The Unmanned Weighbridge System Are:

1. Operational effectiveness
2. Reduces transportation costs adding to better return on Investment
3. Reduction in Truck TAT
4. Improved visibility, safety and security for better asset tracking
5. Eliminates the human error during the entries
6. Improved accuracy of data flow among different software
7. Simple process for the drivers
8. Real time monitors of the vehicles getting in/out of the plant
9. Intuitive and informative dashboard
10. Easy integration with SAP, Oracle and popular ERPs
11. Detailed reporting and analytics
12. System generated receipts
13. Periodic performance records and analytics

What Makes Convexicon Stand Out:

We have already built and implemented the automated weighbridge solutions for different domains including logistics, construction, waste management and more. The solution has already proved to improve the business process efficiency and reduce costs for our clients. The solution built for the mining industry is based on research done on the kind of softwares already used in the mining industry. Our solution is robust and can be easily integrated with mining related data management solutions.

Also, our support team in 24*7 available so your mining business operations don’t need to wait in case any software error occurs. If you choose to work with us, our team of expert business analysts will study your existing business processes and provide you with the custom solution covering all your requirements.

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