Hubballi Dharwad Smart City


Hubballi Dharwad Smart City was getting problem in Door-To-Door Waste Collection Monitoring, Bins Tracking & Waste Collection Vehicle Monitoring. Observed drawbacks of current system were:

  • Difficulty in locating the households since it is manual process
  • Tracking, monitoring, planning and management of vehicles/resources is tedious
  • Difficult to monitor actual pick up of waste from households
  • Difficulty in estimation of amount of waste
  • Preparing status reports of household collection is a manual process
  • Difficulty in addressing citizens’ complaints
  • No quick response to emergency cases like collection truck not arrived or breakdown.


During the first week of operations, we have adapted concept of I DO, WE DO and YOU DO for supporting and providing regress handhold training to these field staff. HDMC also suggested an idea of monitoring the process on real time basis using Mobile Apps. We upheld the suggestion and carried out the required changes. This concept worked, demonstrating the data live on mobile app and the this encouraged the Pourkarmikas to do better. It was observed that tag reading while collecting waste has increased gradually.

This concept has made the operation target oriented and HDMC officials has started monitoring the day-to-day operations on real time basis. During initial 4 weeks’ operation it is identified that vehicles were not touching/covering most of the areas but after implementing RFID tag technology we are able to identify those areas on map and the system supported HDMC officials to identify these unattended areas. HDMC officials have taken steps and made their team to attend these left out areas.

  • Geo fencing, which was used earlier was only to ensure movement of vehicle in that area however RFID Tagging now helps in identifying the area covered by a vehicle drilled down to each lane and each house assigned to that waste collection vehicle.
  • This concept has provided transparent and comprehensive mechanism to monitor & manage the solid waste management process across individual house and complete ward.
  • The statistics of waste generated can be viewed along with the population density of the area for decision making of relocation of auto-tipper and Pourakarmikas
  • This system also helps in responding to customer grievances of non-collection of garbage as HDMC officials can notifying the same via Citizen Mobile App. At the same time, Citizens will also able to track daily collection status using HDSCL Citizen App.
  • In future, the model can also be upgraded by implementing PAY-AS-YOU throw system to financially tie each household to amount of trash it generates and also to encourage recyclables.

This System fully supports the main motive of the project (carryout micro level monitoring of door-to-door waste collection through GIS based analytical tool based on the data combination of vehicle movement and reading of RFID Tags) and helps building a strong bond between citizens and government officials.

Solution Development

Based on the scope of RFID Tag implementation, 10000 Tags are installed in 5 Wards of the Hubballi Dharwad Twin City covering the various areas of Keshwanagar, Michkin Compound, Barakotri, Malamaddi in Dharwad, areas of Navanagar and areas of Keshawapur, Shantinagar, Bengeri in Hubballi. The above pilot is implemented from Date 16th Sept-2019 in coordination with Hubballi Dharwad Smart City Limited and Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation. Pourakarmikas are armed with portable android based RFID readers and are well trained to read the RFID tags. While collecting the garbage, tags installed at each door is read to capture assurance of garbage collection from the house.


  • Potential challenges faced were accurately geo-coding all the household locations of the area. Establishment of the intelligent algorithm for flagging the household collected/ not collected.
  • GPRS connectivity issue in certain areas
  • Choosing the appropriate tag reading technology online/offline in a specific area.
  • Resistance was observed during the initial days from field staff in terms of adaptability of the solution and purpose. However, HDMC, HDSCL Officials along with PMC and NEC volunteered to carry out the activity along with the Pourkarmikas to make them familiar with the purpose of the system.


The system is a robust solution to the existing problems in the current system by providing the following outputs:

  • 100% mapping of location of household onto GIS maps.
  • 100% mapping of vehicles on map using GPS
  • Statistics on the collection of waste (Zone / Ward & Cleaning area wise).
  • Reports regarding the daily, weekly or annual collection of waste for each geographic point of interest and performance of vehicles and status of tags.
  • Timetables indicating the routes and waste’s time collection.
  • Exception report of Proposed collection time Vs Actual collection time of each ward.
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