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To maintain entry & exit of trucks inside a production plant’s boundary professionally and in a smarter way.

  • Entry & exit of a truck was recorded manually in register at gates
  • No-SAP link up
  • No GPS dispatch system link up
  • No centralized reporting structures
  • No MIS or analytics about number of trucks entered /exited, In-Plant Duration etc


Solution Provided – To provide Barcode based e-Ticket Validation system

  • The challenges as highlighted above were overcome by providing Hand Held Industrial Grade Barcode Printer cum Scanner (PoS) to the Gatekeeper. The main features of e-Ticket Validation system were – Connected with Cloud, Instant Reporting, No Internet Line Required at Gate
  • Barcode tickets cannot be forged because each ticket has a unique barcode.
  • It uses random numbers with 10 digits.
  • Barcode tickets cannot be copied because each barcode can only be used once to enter.
  • Unlimited number of tickets can be printed.
  • Tickets are checked with the Barcode Checker Mobile App, which is included in the solutions.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • Barcode tickets can be checked at multiple spots inside plant at the same time.
  • Ticket number can also be entered by hand if the barcode is damaged.
  • Device can work without network and save data in internal memory, later it can be synced with the cloud.

Solution Development

  • Truck driver requests entry
  • Gatekeeper enters vehicle number in the hand held PoS and generates an Entry Slip with unique Barcode
  • Entry slip handed over to the truck driver and allowed entry inside the plant
  • Truck driver hand over the entry slip to gatekeeper and requests exit
  • Entry slip scanned by the Gatekeeper for checking validity
  • Truck is allowed to exit.


Since the POS is connected with Cloud Server, therefore all the reports are available 24×7 on GPS Dispatch System

  • Total Number of vehicles entered Vs exited a plant (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Total vehicle dispatched with GPS Vs without GPS
  • Duration spent inside a plant by a truck
  • Average duration spends by all trucks inside plant
  • Fraudulent entry / exit reporting
  • Plant entry time Vs Invoice Upload time in GPS dispatch system


Since the POS is connected with Cloud Server, therefore all the reports are available 24×7 on GPS Dispatch System

  • Centralized Control and Surveillance over fleet entry & exit
  • Linked Up with GPS Dispatch System
  • Can be integrated with SAP or other Enterprise applications
  • Provided secure and professional practice
  • Enabled electronic record maintenance at gate
  • In-Time and Out-Time of a truck started recording
  • Duration spent inside the plant was derived for a truck
  • No additional manpower required
  • Increased efficiency in loading or unloading inside plant.
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