How Indore became the cleanest city in India?

Becoming the cleanest city in India requires hard work, consistency, time, and citizen cooperation. When it comes to Indore, both the Government and citizens took responsibility, and the officials tirelessly worked to keep the city clean. From tracking door-to-door garbage collection to converting waste into energy resources, many strategies have been followed by the officials in Indore. Here is a summary of everything that happened since the beginning. 

In 2016, Indore Municipal Corporation initiated collection of waste from households. Irrespective of the guidelines, garbage van drivers reported that majority of the residents continued to follow the same habit of handing over unsegregated trash to garbage van drivers. To bring in the behavioral change, supervisors fined households who didn’t segregate the garbage, and the residents paid a high penalty. 



Within two years, 27 crores were collected from residents as fine. While the fines were collected, a major overhaul of the waste management system was imminent. IMC also established a helpline and assured that the concerns registered will be resolved within two days. Officials were suspended when they didn’t perform their duties and the ones who did go the extra mile to keep the city clean, were rewarded. 

Garbage Cans were sent to the locality at the right time after studying individuals’ routine for a considerable amount of time. To ensure proper waste segregation, the waste gathered is traversed through various stations in the city, after which it was taken to a waste processing facility.

Nearly 645 tonnes of waste is refined every day, and three hundred officials are working tirelessly to achieve one goal – Cleanliness. Companies that utilize recyclable material did their part by purchasing the recyclable waste. 


From wastes in the dumpster to energy resources – A journey

When it comes to organic waste, 550 tonnes were purchased by the farmers after a special team converted organic waste into fertilizer. If the farmer takes responsibility for the transportation cost, then the compost is provided free of cost. 

Decentralized waste management 

Organic waste collection center in any busy lane collects nearly 1.5 tonnes of food waste. The waste is then changed into compost every day. It is then weighed by the shop owners so that they can pay the money required. There are plans to install the same mobile composting machines in and around Indore, just like the ones in Chappan Dukan. In our country, organic waste produced is more, and the machines are the perfect Solid waste management solution as they are designed to function even if the material is inorganic. 

Converting waste to fuel 

With twenty tonnes of wastes gathered every day, it is sufficient to generate a minimum of 700 kg Bio CNG. Interestingly, the Gas is utilized to operate city buses and for cooking in hotels at a subsidized rate. 

Cleaning the roads 

The roads have been an essential asset to any country, and it is easier to judge the whole country by looking at how well maintained the roads are. Indore Municipal Corporation officials haven’t missed the critical asset, and four hundred liters of water recycled from sewage treatment plants are utilized. This is a great idea to save clean water, which is essential for survival.

A well-planned program 

Funding is essential in any plan that is executed for the welfare of people. Indore was ready to spend more than one hundred crores for solid waste management solution and sanitation. Moreover, it was aided by the high penalty amounts collected from the erring residents and from the sale of organic fertilizer. There are many additional revenue sources, such as collection of money from the residents based on the amount of waste generated. 


Indore officials and the individuals did the most challenging job by practicing it every day and made it look easier. Technologies like IoT based waste collection monitoring systems will come in handy to efficiently work towards the goal. As a society, we can all endeavor to implement the same system in every city and support the Government to pave a clean way. If you are trying to implement a similar approach with more advanced technologies, check out Convexicon. Being the industry leader, we aim to keep every city and municipal corporation clean using the technologically advanced Solid waste management solution