Revolutionising Waste Management: How Smart Bins Are Transforming Cities

Before a city can be truly called a smart city, one of the crucial sectors it must address is the waste management. The cities with smart solutions are the centre of attraction for masses and a majority of rural population in India is now shifting to the urban areas in the search of better lifestyle and work opportunities.

With increase in population in urban areas, we can see a tremendous increase in waste, and the traditional waste management systems struggle to keep the cities clean. However, through the implementation of smart solutions, we can find ways to handle the situation. One of the innovations that aligns perfectly with the smart cities is the use of the smart bins.

RFID based waste management solutions

RFID Based Waste Management System

What are smart bins?

Smart bins are the waste bins equipped with sensors, AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance waste collection. Convexicon is the leading provider of smart bin services in India, and has already implemented the Smart Waste Management Solution in many cities. Convexicon offers an IoT-based waste management solution with bin-level sensors for smart waste collection and RFID technology for efficient waste disposal.

How are Smart Bins Transforming Cites?

Allows Effective Waste Collection Scheduling

By utilising the IoT based bin-level sensors for smart waste collection in bins, the Smart Waste Management Solutions automatically transmit data on fill levels to local services and alert them when they reach their full capacity, indicating the need for collection. This real-time data offers valuable insights into waste generation patterns and behaviour, enabling the municipal waste services and waste management companies to move away rigid pre-planned pick-up schedules and adopt dynamic waste collection services that align with the evolving waste needs of the urban cities.

By relying on the fixed collection schedules, it’s hard to overcome the challenges like overflowing bins, uncontrolled excessive CO2 emission, and dirty streets. However, with the implementation of smart sensors, municipal waste services gain the ability to remotely monitor real-time fill levels of bins. This allows proactive cleaning services, preventing overflow and maintaining a cleaner living environment.


Smart Waste Management System

Data Analytics for Effective Planning

Real-time bin fill monitoring systems provide the relevant data for various decision makings related to the waste management. Through the utilisation of connected sensors, data is collected each time the trash reaches its capacity and when it was last emptied. This data enables effective planning for dumpster distribution and eliminates improper waste removal practices. The data analytics also helps in identifying the need of new smart bins in specific areas allowing the cleaning authorities to make the required purchases, install the bins, plan waste collection routes, and allocate resources as per the requirement. Waste collection optimisation with smart bins further enables the continuous improvement in waste management, helping in facing different challenges which can remain unidentified otherwise.

Transparency and Sustainability

By installing the smart bins in city, the cleaning authorities are able to continuously monitor and effectively prevent the misuse of these valuable assets. Unlike traditional bins that may be susceptible to theft or damage, smart bins offer a more reliable solution. In event of damage or theft, system allows the facility manager to identify the issue and allowing swift and appropriate action to be taken to keep the waste management process smooth. Effective asset management and tracking, enables the authorities to plan the resources and other required actions to make their cleaning campaign a success. The smart waste management solution, therefore, holds the promise of promise of driving the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Efficient waste disposal with RFID technology

With RFID tags, it is easy to monitor which routes have been cleaned and which are pending for waste collection. Different RFID tags can be used to denote different information as per the business model of cleaning agency or municipalities. RFID based waste management solutions offer time and cost savings by eliminating human errors in waste management. This reduces the requirement of manual labor and endless calls for information exchange. RFID technology provides you with enhanced inventory management capabilities, effective route and resource planning, leading ti increased productivity and cost optimisation. RFID tags also simplify the service billing and can help you with the implementation of incentive-based invoicing.

If you are looking to leverage the benefits of Smart Waste Management Solution for your city, feel free to reach us at: 8003620388. We have used the cutting edge technologies to make our solution the most reliable and effective solution out there, and our expert research & development team keeps working on continuously improving the solution, allowing our users to innovatively handle any challenge that may arise related to smart waste management.