5 Ways School Bus Monitoring Solution Enhances ERP Providers’ Offerings

With increasing digitisation, the Indian education system is also experiencing a significant impact from technology in managing the school activities. For ages, schools have been burdened with hefty registers and piles of paperwork, making it challenging to track student’s performance, including their fee records and academic progress.

The trend has changed drastically after the introduction of ERP software for schools. The educational institutions now have access to various cutting-edge technology-based tools and resources that facilitate efficient functioning in the long run. The ERP softwares have proved to be effective in streamlining administrative tasks such as fee collection, attendance management, maintaining a comprehensive database of students and teachers, exam conductance and more.

The ERP softwares include various tools that enhance different aspects of school including student and staff data management, semester planning, lecture distribution, online exams, results, parent’s collaboration, library management, sports inventory management, accounting, payroll and more.


ERP Compatible School Bus Tracking System

Why is School Bus Monitoring Solution an important inclusion for ERPs?

An important aspect of school management that requires digitisation is the transportation system. Transportation services are becoming increasingly important in the realm of quality education. Over time, parents have shifted their mindset from enrolling their children in nearby schools to seeking better education, even if it means travelling greater distances. Consequently, many schools now maintain a fleet of buses and offer pick-up and drop-off services to students and staff. However, managing a large fleet of buses has proven to be a challenging task for schools. That is why, an automated fleet management solution is important for schools. It can benefit schools with operational efficiency and provide parents with timely updates regarding their children’s transportation.

While building and managing a school monitoring solution is complex, most ERP providers choose to integrate with third party school bus monitoring solutions to fetch their services into their existing software, and making the process easy.



Scalable School Bus Monitoring Solutions

1. Real-time security with GPS tracking

One of the key benefit ERP solutions provide is by ensuring kid’s security through regular records. By integrating school bus monitoring solution into the ERP, the kid’s attendance can be extended to outside the gate-campus as well. The ERP solutions can capture the real-time data when a student onboards or off-boards the school bus and store it for enhanced kids security.

The real-time GPS tracking received from the school bus monitoring solution, strengthens the security of the kids, allowing parents and school authorities to fetch all the student related data from single portal including the punctuality during transportation to and from the school.

2. Efficient Fleet Scheduling

With all the fleets and respective routes data fetched on single screen, ERP software can allow the authorities users to schedule the fleet effectively without requiring to jump to other apps. Increased usability leads to better customer satisfaction. KYTE is one of the leading ERP-compatible school bus tracking solutions which provides real-time data synchronisation between school bus monitoring and ERP software allowing real-time fleet monitoring and supports decision-making.

3. Access to Fleet Management Related Reports

The ERP software is able to fetch the information regarding active fleets, number of students it transport on daily basis, respective routes and can easily draw analytics related to required number of new fleets based on increase in student strength from different areas. The driver behaviour can also be monitored by accessing his reporting time and any delays related reports from the school bus monitoring app. Therefore, it is important to have a scalable school bus monitoring solutions for ERP systems to make fleets related business decision making, an easy process.

4. Enhanced Finance Management

With real-time access to fleets and allocated resources data, it is easy to calculate and maintain a record of all fleet related financial transactions in one place including: driver payroll and attendance records, student bus fee payments, any overtime by drivers and more. This streamlines the financial aspects of school transport management and the ERP providers are able to satisfy school authorities with managing their overall finances.

5. Cost-effective and Swift Management

With data centralisation, the data management becomes easy and require lesser time and resources. Allowing school authorities to manage transportation system from the ERP platform itself enhances the usability and can help in simplification of the administration process.

KYTE is a popular choice when it comes to integrated school bus monitoring solutions for ERP systems. It is built using the latest technology, provides data security, scalability and easy integration. The reports generated by KYTE are highly customisable, making it the best ERP-compatible school bus tracking solution.

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