Sewerage Holes Monitoring System – Small Step Towards The ‘Swachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat’ Mission

Human health encompasses the mental, social, and physical well-being of a person’s lifestyle, not just the absence of disease. It is vital for people to live in a healthy environment in order to live a healthy life. However, numerous variables contribute to a healthy environment, one of which is the sewerage management system.

The sewage system is a crucial part of a city’s infrastructure. This system helps in the proper evacuation of rain and greywater from houses and businesses. However, the problems with a traditional sewerage system in most developing countries are that they lack real-time monitoring. There is a dire need for a Sewerage Holes Monitoring System, an alert system to act promptly in the event of a worst-case situation.

A monitoring system and a plan for a prior extension of the sewage management system are required to minimize significant disruptions. However, there is no monitoring mechanism in some overcrowded cities in India and around the world. Moreover, the expansion process is fraught with challenges and takes a long time.

More so ever, establishing and maintaining a system that provides modern facilities is time-consuming and costly.

So, what is the solution then?

Of course, the smart sewerage monitoring system.

Read out how a smart sewage management system can help bring the revolution.

Sewerage Holes Monitoring System – A Boon

Open sewerage holes are a big problem in most of the cities. Not only does it cause major illnesses, such as cardiovascular disorders, gastroenteritis, and others, but also it leads to many fatal accidents. Hence, the municipal corporations of cities must implement a robust sewage monitoring system to help people live healthy and happy life.

Sewage monitoring systems allow for real-time monitoring without making major changes to the established facilities.

The internet of things (IoT) is a boon to everyone in today’s scenario. An IoT system is made up of internet-connected items that can store and exchange data without human intervention over a wireless link. Cars, lighting, household items, and all other types of equipment are now connected via the Internet of Things.

Many businesses have already begun to use IoT to monitor, improve, and automate their operations. The time is ripe for the Indian government to look beyond outdated sewage management approaches in favor of IoT-based sewerage monitoring systems.

The smart sewerage management system incorporates sensors to collect data, thereby allowing municipal corporations or authorities to have real-time monitoring of the drainage waste levels in such sewage holes.

So, how does it work?

With the help of sensors!

Sensors are being installed in sewerage holes to keep track of the state of the sewage holes’ fill levels in real-time. When the holes exceed a defined threshold limit, these sensors send signals to the corporation’s command and control center. When an overflow is detected, the authorities are notified, along with the location of the affected area.

A smart sewerage management system also informs authorities about whether sewage holes’ lids are open or closed, the current water level, and overflow information in the area, allowing them to quickly plug the gaps and act as soon as they receive the information.

The use of a smart sewerage hole monitoring system ensures that the holes are cleared quickly. Such a sewage management model is efficient, saves time, helps keep the environment clean, and allows people to live a healthy and disease-free life.

How Is Convexicon Helping State Governments Achieve Their “Clean-City” Goals?

Convexicon develops and designs a low-cost Sewerage management system that provides real-time monitoring without requiring any major changes to the existing facilities. Some of its benefits for the Municipal authorities and citizenry alike are:

• Low-cost real-time monitoring.
• Overflow detection.
• SMS alerts.
• Sewerage Hole Lid Status.

Convexicon is committed to assisting state governments, quasi-government organizations, and private organizations in improving urban governance and making essential public services more effective and efficient by providing them with smart solutions that stand out.

We at Convexicon create unique software solutions using cutting-edge technology. Our comprehensive ICT-based system incorporates smart and efficient modules for Solid waste management, including sewage holes management and Public Health Management, to help us achieve our collective dream of ‘Swachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat.’